Tide Schedule for Bali

Check the tide chart for Bali in April 2023.
What are tides? Tides are changes in the ocean's water level caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon and the Sun. The changes are different in different parts of the planet. In Bali, there can be a maximum difference of 2.5 meters in water level during the day. During full moon and new moon, the difference is even greater.

Tide Cycle

There are two high tides and two low tides every day, approximately every 6 hours. The times for high and low tides shift forward each day by around 50 minutes. For example, if there is a low tide at 7am, the water level will be 0.3 meters. That means there will be a high tide at midday. Then there will be another low tide at 7pm followed by another high tide around midnight.

How to Read the Tide Chart

The tide chart lists the water level in meters for each day of the month in Bali. The first column shows the time in hours. Almost all Bali beaches, such as Nusa Dua, have a good water level for swimming at 1.5 meters or higher. If the water level is 0.3 meters, you will likely see a bare reef. This is especially true for Sanur and Nusa Dua beaches. Check the chart the night before to determine the best time to swim the next day.
The tide chart is the same for all Bali beaches as well as Gili, Lembongan, and Penida islands. Wave height is almost independent of tides. To learn when waves will be present, read our guide for beginning surfers.

Color Coding

The maximum water level is marked in color, and Sundays are highlighted in orange.
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