The Tibumana Waterfall is located in the Bangli area on the island of Bali.

Tibumana Waterfall 

I would like to name Tibumana as one of my favorite waterfalls. However, many Instagrammers share this opinion, turning this cozy waterfall into a filming location.
It is indeed very popular, and there are several reasons for that. It's only a half-hour drive from Ubud, and the descent to it is not far. The entrance ticket is only 15,000 Indonesian Rupiahs as of January 2020. A stunning path leads to the waterfall, winding past rocks and over the river. Every meter reflects the effort of local landscapers and the magic of nature.
And the waterfall itself is simply beautiful.
The space is formed by an open-top grotto, its walls framed by green vines swaying from the water flow.
Tibumana descends from the cliff in a smooth, white, narrow, and elegant canvas. Below the waterfall lies a spacious lagoon, perfect for a refreshing swim. The bottom is covered with soft and pleasant sand. It is said that the depth under the waterfall is only two meters.
At the very beginning of the path to the waterfall and at the bottom, there are signs asking tourists to:
  • not swim directly under the stream (as it is said to be strong and forcefully pushes a person underwater)
  • not approach the cave closely A person from the village with a flag and a whistle ensures order. It is said that 16 people from the local village are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Tibumana area, and their work is clearly visible.
Many tourists arrive around 11 am or even at noon because during this time, the sun begins to illuminate the water, creating a sparkling effect.
However, if you arrive early in the morning or later, you might encounter fewer people.
If you came for photography but are concerned about the crowd, you can wait a bit. The waterfall area has plenty of pleasant shade, and there are large boulders on the shore that tourists use as benches.
Those who lack patience often enter from the right or left side of the lagoon with models and take pictures from the side. This gives them the illusion that there is no one nearby and helps eliminate people from the frame.
By the way, if you plan to conduct commercial shooting at Tibumana, the guardians will likely ask for an additional fee of 200,000 rupiahs. Wedding photography will cost 300,000 rupiahs.
The stream flowing from the waterfall and streaming to the right of the "amphitheater," where tourists gather, is very interesting. Visitors like to build stone pyramids on its boulders.
If you go back along the picturesque road through the forest, you can soon come across a small cave where the road ends.  
And if you go up and don't climb up to the warung, but go straight, you can descend to a pleasant cascading waterfall flowing over the rocks.
It is much gentler than Kanto Lampo and Goa Rang Reng, it can be more accurately called just thresholds on the river. The water flowing over the rocks has carved small basins in them. In some of them, you can take a dip.
And if you just don't want to leave soon because this magical place has captivated your heart, you can simply sit in a Balinese gazebo (bale) and contemplate nature.
On the way to Tibumana, there are about five local cafes. Unlike standard cafes at waterfalls, they not only sell instant noodles in cups but actually prepare dishes. However, the menu mainly consists of Indonesian cuisine, such as fried noodles and fried rice.
Toilets are available near one of the warungs on the way down, and there are basic but clean toilets and a changing room at the bottom near the waterfall. Lockers are also available at the bottom. If you decide to use them, bring your own padlock.
Tibumana is recommended for any tourist - whether you're an Instagrammer, a traveler with a child, or someone who simply enjoys spending time in nature. You can wear any comfortable footwear for navigating the stairs; ordinary flip-flops will suffice.
About 500 meters before reaching Tibumana, there is another waterfall that goes by two names, Pengibul and Taman Sari.
As you pass by, locals will actively invite you to visit, claiming it's a new waterfall. In reality, the waterfall has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, but its rebranding happened quite recently.
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