The Sacred Gems of Bali

For the inhabitants of the island of Bali, faith, religion, and temples hold a special significance.
In this journey through the Sacred Gems of Bali, we visit one of the significant places for Hindu pilgrims - Tanah Lot Temple, located on a rock in the ocean.
The road to the temple passes through a thin isthmus, which allows getting closer to the temple only during low tide. In Tanah Lot, you can ask a monk, who, for offering to the temple, will perform a procedure called "cleansing of thoughts."
Next, at the picturesque Lake Bratan, we will see Ulun Danu - a temple on the water with lush gardens, and then visit a favorite place of all travelers - Git Git Waterfall.
The fauna of these places differs from the southern part of Bali with fertile volcanic soil and numerous farms, while traditional Balinese temples attract attention with their picturesque gardens, elaborate layouts, and distinctive architecture.
Enjoy mesmerizing views of nature and architectural diversity with us.
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