The police have identified two suspects in the case of the fallen elevator in Ubud

The investigation into the tragic incident at a resort in Ubud, where a malfunctioning elevator resulted in the death of five people, is ongoing. The chief of the Gianyar regional police, Ketut Widiada, stated that the two suspects in this case are Vincent Juvono, the owner and general manager of the Ayu Terra resort, and Mujiana, the technician responsible for maintaining the faulty elevator.
The investigation, ongoing since the beginning of September, has revealed that these two individuals, according to the authorities, bear the most responsibility for the tragic incident. "Based on witness testimonies, National Police forensic laboratory results, and confiscated evidence, we conclude that there are more than two pieces of evidence that identify the suspects in the incident," said Widiada. He also stated that Mujiana, who was previously considered a witness, is now a suspect because he serviced the elevator without the necessary qualifications, leading to the tragedy. He had been involved in elevator and lift maintenance since 1990. Widiada explained that Mujiana was tasked with designing, manufacturing, and operating the elevator without adhering to occupational safety and health regulations for elevators and escalators, resulting in the Ayu Terra resort elevator not meeting standards. Vincent Juvono, the owner and manager of the resort, instructed him to violate the design rules. Additionally, Mujiana and Vincent intentionally installed steel lifting straps that did not comply with the labor ministry and employment service standards in the Bali province. Furthermore, Juvono started using the elevator without proper inspection by relevant authorities. Both suspects remain at large, and charges will be filed against them later.
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