The Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung Waterfall (Nungnung)
photo by Will Bendall
Nature in Bali is incredibly beautiful. Amazing and mesmerizing places are hidden all over the island. One of them - the Nungnung waterfall - is located in the Badung Regency in the village of Pelaga.
This waterfall is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. However, the steep descent to the waterfall, and especially the climb from it, holds back many of them.
Not far from the waterfall is the Sangeh forest with hundreds of long-tailed Balinese monkeys. 20 kilometers north of Sangeh you will find this waterfall. On the map, it is located here.
On the way, you will be greeted with picturesque landscapes - rice fields and terraces, fields of blooming nail flowers.
The Badung Regency administration began promoting the waterfall as one of the promising tourist destinations relatively recently - in 1996. They improved the road, built nice cafes, put up signposts, made the approach to the waterfall nice and comfortable, and built a bridge.
photo by Jen Pham
The path to the top of the waterfall is fairly well-made. There are wide concrete steps and iron railings made of pipes. At the beginning of the path, the slope is small, but near the bottom, there are quite steep sections of the staircase. 
They are not dangerous, but if you have children with you, they will probably need to be held by your hands and assisted on the higher steps or picked up.
Near the Nung-Nung, another waterfall welcomes you, just as high, but not as full.
It is best to visit Nung-Nung in good clear sunny weather. Otherwise, the light will not penetrate the gorge, and the atmosphere will be a bit gloomy. Since the waterfall is quite high in the mountains, it is often cloudy here. And then in terms of light levels, even at 3 in the afternoon you'll be as dark as at sunset by the ocean at 6:30 pm.
NungNung is one of the most powerful waterfalls on the island. It is about 25 meters high. When the water falls down it creates clouds of water dust and wind that sways the leaves of lianas in the gorge. The power is mesmerizing and the waterfall can be admired for hours.
In the distance from the waterfall, there is a comfortable area with rocks where you can sit like in an amphitheater and admire the elements.
There are daredevils who climb almost under the very stream of the waterfall, but judging from their screams, they receive very strong blows. But the lagoon of the waterfall is big enough and you don't have to follow the stream to enjoy swimming and beautiful photos. The water in the lagoon and further on in the shallow mountain river is quite clean and transparent.
The cost of the ticket is 20,000 rupees per person and an additional 2,000 rupees for motorbike parking. There are several benches with water, drinks, snacks, and souvenirs in the parking lot.
There are no changing rooms,so bring a sarong for changing. There are toilets only at the top parking lot. There will be no toilets on the road to the waterfall and near it.
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