The Coldplay group has taken advantage of the new artist visa

Recently, a new type of visa appeared in Indonesia - the Artist KITAS. Recently, renowned artists entered the country using this visa. The Coldplay group, whose concert took place in Jakarta on November 15, utilized this visa for smooth entry into the country. Previously, the status of performing artists was quite precarious, requiring them to obtain a full work visa to ensure the concert's legality from a visa perspective. However, the government of Indonesia used the group's arrival to promote the new type of visa.
Unfortunately, besides the government, the group's performance also caught the attention of radical Muslim activists who believe that the group successfully promotes LGBT values. There were disturbances, but they were soon resolved, and the concert proceeded in the usual warm, positive, and lyrical energy atmosphere typical for the group. The concert lasted for two hours, during which the musicians performed around 20 of their hit songs. Indonesian fans had been waiting for this performance for over 20 years, as it was the group's first show in Jakarta. The concert took place at the largest stadium in the capital and attracted tens of thousands of attendees. Martin was so impressed by the Indonesian fans that he promised to return in the future.
"What an amazing audience, I'm so happy to be here," he said. "Thank you for waiting thousands of days to see us here," Martin concluded the concert.
Silmi Karim, the Director of Indonesia's Immigration Service, noted that the arrival of the Coldplay group is the right impetus for popularizing the new type of Indonesian visa.
"The government aims to make Indonesia a convenient country for major international events or artistic events. For this reason, the Directorate General of Immigration has issued a policy for issuing musical and artistic visas with simplified requirements and a very straightforward online application process," said the official statement from the Directorate General of Immigration.
Now, to obtain a musical and artistic visa for foreign artists performing musical concerts in Indonesia, they no longer need to provide a work permit, a police clearance certificate (SKCK), and a certificate of at least five years of work experience.
“There is no such visa abroad, so musicians may find it unusual to apply for it. In fact, it's quite simple: applications for musical and artistic visas can be submitted directly by the event organizer or promoter through the website," he said. To apply for this visa, a minimum of documents is required. The list also includes professions suitable for this visa, which is quite broad, encompassing athletes, entertainment industry representatives, coaches, and others. The cost of the visa is 20 million rupiahs.
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