The best shawarma in Bali

In Bali, there are numerous places offering cuisine from various countries, but sometimes you just want to savor a taste that feels like home. If you're looking for a quick bite, shawarma is an excellent option for satisfying street food! Food of this format is consistently the most affordable, simple, and convenient for both tourists and expats.
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We've compiled a list of places where you can enjoy shawarma with juicy meat and vegetables wrapped in thin lavash. And, of course, the key to good shawarma is the sauce.


SHOOQ 4.9⭐️

- Opening Hours: 11:00-22:30
- Average Bill: 50-140k
- Average Price of Shawarma: 55-85k
In this cafe, we tried chicken shawarma, shrimp salad, and fish with tartar. Everything was delicious, especially the juicy shawarma. The fish was good and fresh, though the crust seemed unnecessary. The salad was tasty but had a dressing for those with an acquired taste. We also recommend trying their tea. The staff and owner visibly put heart into this place. Highly recommended!

EAT ME! 4.5⭐️

- Opening Hours: 12:00-04:00
- Average Bill: 30-130k
- Average Price of Shawarma: 65-99k
- Location (also has a location in Canggu)
This place was a bit disappointing. We tried tuna shawarma—too few veggies, and the lavash was dry. The ingredients didn't look very fresh. The chicken shawarma was a decent size for its price, but the chicken was raw in some places, lacked sauce, and the veggies were barely noticeable—all with dry lavash. The beef burger wasn't worth the price, with rubbery and undercooked meat, a tough bun, little cheese, and tasteless sauce. Interestingly, this establishment has a location in Canggu where the shawarma quality seemed better.


Yaprak Kebab Falafel 4.3⭐️

- Opening Hours: 12:00-22:00
- Average Bill: 50-130k
- Average Price of Shawarma: 30-50k
 Turkish cuisine at affordable prices! We tried chicken kebab—very juicy and delicious with a generous amount of meat. A bit lacking in veggies, but overall, it's a worthy shawarma. We also tried Adjarian khachapuri and were pleasantly surprised. All ingredients were well-balanced, very flavorful, and there's an extra cheese option, which we believe would make it even better. Perhaps the tastiest khachapuri on the island! Definitely worth a visit.

Tasty Turkish Nusa Dua 4.5⭐️

- Opening Hours: 12:00-22:00
- Average Bill: 50-120k
- Average Price of Shawarma: 25-30k
- Location 2 (branch in Uluwatu)
A Turkish cuisine restaurant with large portions, friendly and efficient staff. Incredibly tasty food; try the chicken shawarma—it's juicy, and all ingredients are abundant! There's also a branch in Uluwatu.


Gangsta Dumplings 4.1⭐️

- Opening Hours: 12:00-20:00
- Average Bill: 50-180k
- Average Price of Shawarma: 80-90k
A cool shawarma spot on the island! Chicken, beef, mahi-mahi, and salmon—tried them all. Favorites are the first three; the salmon is experimental, resembling more of a wrap. The chicken shawarma not only has garlic sauce but also ajika; lots of ingredients, and they make their own pickles. The ajika has a pleasant spiciness, and the dried tomatoes inside were surprising. The mahi-mahi with wasabi sauce—the fish isn't dry at all, and the sauce complements everything perfectly. The shawarma is very close to the Russian variant!

Nena Cafe 4.4⭐️

- Opening Hours: 11:00-02:00
- Average Bill: 45-100k
- Average Price of Shawarma: 45-75k
A good spot with friendly staff, but the shawarma lacks flavor. They prepare filling and, in some places, even delicious food. However, we were slightly disappointed after the meal.
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