The best scooter for two people

Everyone knows that Bali without a scooter is only half of Bali. Of course, you can easily summon a motorbike taxi or even a car with air conditioning. Still, to chase the sunrise at the volcanoes or zoom through non-touristy villages, stopping wherever your heart desires – it's impossible without your own two-wheeled transport.
A bike gives a sense of freedom and allows you to save on excursions. But can any scooter be suitable for traveling around the island? And how to prepare for a motorcycle journey? Bali Motion experts answer the most popular questions!
What should you pay attention to when choosing a bike if we plan to travel around the island together?
Let's start with the fact that you can ride two on any bike (if, of course, the total weight of the driver and passenger doesn't approach 300 kilograms). When choosing a model, you need to think about where you plan to move on it.
For example, if you're going to ride from a guesthouse to the nearest beach or massage salon, you can start with your budget. If you want to save money, go for the Vario 125.
The newer it is, the more comfortable and, somewhere, safer it will be for you. If you plan to tour the entire island, consider:
The passenger will be more comfortable on them. But it's essential to understand that a scooter is a city transport and is not designed for trips of 150-200 kilometers. No matter how wonderful your bike is, you will get tired on long distances. So, assess your capabilities.
Which models are best for traveling around the island together?
If we look at the most popular models in Bali, the ideal option for all travel scenarios on the island is Nmax, PCX, ADV. They offer spaciousness for both the driver and the passenger, and the passenger won't experience back pain on long journeys. These models are compact, allowing easy maneuvering in heavy traffic.
If you plan to travel short distances or have a small build with little experience, consider smaller bikes like Scoopy, Fazzio. For a stylish ride, choose Aerox, known for its bright and beautiful design.
If you travel with a backpack or a small bag, there are utility bikes like Vario 125, Vario 150, Lexy 125. They have space in front of the legs to accommodate things.
For extensive and long-distance travel, you can consider XMax. It has a large seat, plenty of space, and a spacious trunk. Fatigue on this two-wheeled "couch" is hardly noticeable. However, it's not advisable to choose XMax without bike driving experience and if you're of small stature.
Is there a difference between a bike for everyday use and for long motorcycle journeys?
There's no fundamental difference. Any well-maintained bike that is suitable for daily use will work. For long-distance travel for two, I wouldn't recommend Aerox due to its stiff suspension and firm seat. The passenger may quickly become tired of lower back pain. In extreme cases, you can always rent another bike specifically for the island trip.
What is most important when preparing for a motorcycle journey around the island together?
Always assess your strength and driving skills. In the absence of experience, it's better to consult an instructor, who, in a couple of lessons, will explain what not to do to avoid scooter-related mishaps.
Remember that Bali has intense sunlight, so stock up on SPF 50 sunblock and wear clothing that covers your arms, legs, and neck. The most severe sunburns happen during rides with wind in your face, feeling cool, and then blisters and torment follow.
However, don't forget that rain might catch you on the road. Keep convenient raincoats in the trunk.
The main rule: be well aware of the traffic complexity and the peculiar driving culture of the Balinese.
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