The best raf coffee in Canggu. A selection of coffee shops

 Raf coffee is a drink made with espresso, vanilla, simple sugar, and cream. For those who tired of cappuccinos and lattes, here's a compilation of places in Canggu where you can try it. It will impress you with its delicacy, creamy vanilla flavor, and sweetness.
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Long play

Opening hours: 8:00-22:00
Average bill: 150-170k
Average coffee price: 55k
A cozy cafe with a Balinese touch. The raf coffee here has a citrusy taste, but unfortunately, the drink turned out watery with a bitter coffee undertone.


Opening hours: closed for renovation, please check for the reopening date.
Average bill: 150-200k
Average coffee price: 50k
In a cafe with a view of the rice fields, they serve vanilla raf coffee - perfect for dreamers and sweet lovers.

Word hummus bar

Opening hours: 8:00-23:00
Average bill: 75-150k
Average coffee price: 45k
This place specializes in healthy vegetarian cuisine. The menu offers a wide variety of raf coffee: vanilla, coconut, lavender, caramel. We tried a regular raf, which turned out similar to flat white coffee or a regular cappuccino. It has a slightly bitter taste.

Banger place

Opening hours: 8:00-23:00
Average bill: 150-200k
Average coffee price: 50k
An extravagant place styled like a strip club. This place is the winner in this list. The raf coffee has a balanced coffee and cream flavor, moderately sweet, and strong with a nutty hint.


Opening hours: 8:00-23:00
Average bill: 70-125k
Average coffee price: 40k
In this place, the raf coffee was not the freshest, let alone 'good coffee.' It has a strange bitter taste with a hint of plastic.
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