The best pizza in Bukit

Pizza has long captured the hearts of people worldwide, being the queen of any party or home movie night. Pizzerias are a place to savor the delights of Italian cuisine, socialize with friends, and enjoy a pleasant evening with family. With numerous pizzerias in Bali, it can be challenging to find the ones truly worth visiting. Here's a guide to the best pizza spots in Bukit.

Pizzeria Romana Bali

Every day from 08:00 to 04:00
Indulge in exquisite thin-crust pizza with a crispy crust and interesting ingredient combinations here. The menu boasts around 30 varieties, including barbecue, mushroom, and seafood options. The owner, an Italian, believes the most delicious pizza comes from a real oven where the dough is baked exclusively on a stone surface, infusing it with a captivating aroma.
When at this restaurant, be sure to order the focaccia, ravioli, and homemade tiramisu. Additionally, the establishment serves delicious freshly squeezed juices, undiluted with water, resulting in a rich and flavorful beverage.
The restaurant features both indoor seating and a large open terrace with a lawn, providing a relaxing space for guests. Throughout the day, music plays in the background, creating a lively atmosphere. Talented musicians and DJs often entertain visitors, especially on weekends.
- Margherita pizza (medium size): 71k
- Vegetarian pizza: 80k
- Hawaiian pizza: 98k
- Special menu for large groups starting from 115k
These prices exclude taxes and fees, totaling 16 percent. The attentive staff ensures swift service. Visitors on Google Maps have awarded this place a rating of 4.8.

Pizzeria Italia

Opening hours: every day from 11:00-00:00
The restaurant has two locations, one in Ungasan and the other in Uluwatu. Visitors can expect an extensive menu, a cozy atmosphere, and quality service. Traditional recipes are used to prepare pizza in the ovens, featuring a crispy thin crust, abundant toppings, and stretchy cheese. The menu goes beyond pizza, offering various pasta dishes, burgers, assorted bruschettas, and salads.
Regarding the interior, the pizzeria is decorated in a classic Italian style with two zones – one indoors with air conditioning and another outdoors with a terrace. Wooden chairs combined with modern pendant lights symbolize a blend of style and subtle philosophy, providing a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.
Prices are recommended for trying the homemade wine (starting from 45k per glass), seafood pizza (97k), and Diablo pizza for spice enthusiasts (85k). Pasta starts from 70k, burgers have a fixed price (97k), and salads begin at 72k. Taxes and fees amount to 15 percent.
On Google Maps, visitors have given this place a rating of 4.6.

Casa Asia Restaurant Ungasan

Opening hours: 11:00-22:30
Another establishment with an open kitchen because what could be more pleasant than watching your future pizza being prepared in the oven? The results usually exceed all expectations! The fillings on the pizzas here melt in the mouth. This culinary haven serves classic Roman dishes, delightful cheeses, and a meat assortment. The pasta and pizza are as good as in Italy; the chefs clearly know their craft. Tasty Caesar salad and tuna salad. Excellent homemade wine. This classic venue is loved by both locals and tourists, so don't forget to reserve a table in advance.
The restaurant's hall is spacious in a loft style, featuring a billiard table and an open terrace by the pool – a great place to gather with a large group.
Prices: The menu includes over 20 types of pizza. For example, Quattro Formaggi pizza starts from 81k (price depends on size), salami and cheese pizza starts from 65k, and ham and arugula pizza starts from 101k.
After a satisfying dinner, those with a sweet tooth can treat themselves to delicious coffee and classic Italian desserts, starting from 38k. Taxes and fees amount to 15 percent.
A pleasant bonus! After the meal, each visitor is presented with a complimentary digestif – often a coconut cocktail with cream or limoncello.
The staff at this establishment is attentive, and the quick service is a significant plus for the restaurant. The average rating on Google Maps is 4.7.
Note that another restaurant in this chain is also located in Bingin.

La Baracca Bali (Uluwatu)

Opening hours: 12:00-22:45
An excellent restaurant with high-quality Italian cuisine and reasonable prices. A cozy courtyard adorned with colorful lanterns, pleasant music, and an interesting atmosphere. Everything is under the control of the founders, from the process of preparing dishes and purchasing ingredients to the conditions of their storage and transportation.
The menu features over 20 types of pizza! Trust us, the owners have something to surprise both meat lovers and proponents of a vegetarian lifestyle. The pizzas are large, prepared in a real oven—praiseworthy and considered one of the best on the island. Excellent cocktails with good alcohol, not arak.
Prices: A vast Italian cuisine menu. In addition to pizza, we recommend trying burrata (105k), carbonara pasta (89k), and pizza with fresh seafood (115k). The chefs here prepare delicious tiramisu and panna cotta (both at 65k). Visitors suggest decent wine (starting from 350k per bottle) and limoncello (45k). Before ordering, to keep customers entertained while waiting for their dishes, small appetizers are brought. Taxes and fees amount to a total of 15 percent.
The interior is simple in design, with furniture made from recycled metals and wood. Perhaps this gives the restaurant a warm and cozy vintage atmosphere.
The place is very popular among tourists, so it's advisable to reserve a table in advance through the website or by phone. From the guests' perspective, the staff is welcoming and friendly, although there might be a wait for orders.
Average rating on Google Maps is 4.6.
In addition to Uluwatu, La Baracca Bali has several branches on the island—in Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud.

Nusa Dua Pizza

Opening hours:11:00-22:30
A small café captures visitors' attention with its simple, honest cuisine and a few tables outdoors. It's a favorite spot for large groups to enjoy skillfully prepared generous portions. The genuine open oven produces stunning pizza, with a truly extensive selection—more than 25 varieties. The owner is always ready to assist in choosing and passionately shares insights into the pizza-making process.
The interior is quite straightforward, reflecting a classic Indonesian-Italian style.
Prices: The cost of dishes here is lower than in similar establishments, yet the quality is top-notch. In this restaurant, you must try the pepperoni pizza (70k), calzone (90k), and four cheeses pizza (90k). Additionally, they make a delicious beef lasagna (55k) and an outstanding salad with anchovies (40k). All salads are served with two slices of freshly baked bread. Nusa Dua Pizza offers good milkshakes (20k) and freshly squeezed juices (starting from 15k).
The establishment has its own delivery service. The delivery cost depends on the distance (ranging from 12k to 30k). Taxes and fees amount to 10 percent of the check total.
The staff at this restaurant is polite and efficient.
Users have given this restaurant a rating of 4.5 on Google.
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