The Best Karaoke Clubs in Bali

Sing like a Star: Best Karaoke Clubs in Bali
Everyone loves to sing, even those who may not be skilled at it. Hosting concerts at home can be dull, so why not grab some friends and head to a karaoke club? Singing along to popular hits started gaining popularity back in the '90s, and today, this entertainment remains relevant. The number of places where you can enjoy singing constantly grows.

The Goa Cat Cafe x Ore Studio Canggu

Operating Hours:Daily from 08:00 to 16:00, 18:00 to 00:00
An excellent place for relaxation, work, and those who love karaoke. This venue operates in two formats - in the morning and during the day, you can enjoy delicious coffee and hearty breakfast or lunch. Many use this cafe as a workspace, offering comfortable tables, chairs, and plenty of sockets for your gadgets. A pleasant bonus for cat lovers – they are full-fledged owners of the bar. Around 6-8 pets live here. You can pet them, hold them, and shower them with affection. This mode continues until 16:00, followed by a break. At 18:00, the bar opens its doors for everyone who loves songs and dances. Free entry until 20:00. After that, you need to pay 100k for admission, which includes any alcoholic drink from the special menu.
The karaoke bar has professional audio equipment for lively parties, several microphones, and a stage for singing. Often, musicians perform, so you can sing not only to the backing track but also to live music. In the large main hall, you can easily imagine yourself as a real "superstar." Visitors sing songs for free, in turn. The repertoire includes all global hits. The playlist is not updated frequently, so there aren't many modern hits, but there's a repertoire from the 2000s for sure. You can order songs through the bar's Instagram by simply entering the artist's name or song via direct messages or sending a YouTube link with the track.
The menu features dishes from European and Indonesian cuisines. You can check the prices here. Visitors in reviews note good service, cleanliness, and an excellent atmosphere for relaxation.

Nav Karaoke Jimbaran

Operating Hours:Daily from 11:00 to 03:00
Nav Karaoke Jimbaran is a karaoke bar where you can sing your favorite songs and try European and Indonesian dishes. Separate rooms for 5 to 25 people are offered to customers. All rooms are equipped with professional sound systems, quality acoustics, comfortable microphones, and plasma panels. You can familiarize yourself with the prices for renting rooms here. Starting from 45k per hour for a room for 5 people. The venue offers a large selection of pasta, pizza, meat, and fish dishes, as well as alcoholic beverages. Prices in the menu are average, with combo sets at special prices, and the venue often holds promotions for holidays or weekends.
You can also rent a separate room for a birthday. Choosing a package for 350k, the room will be decorated with bright balloons. Separate hourly cabin rental will be required. You can find more detailed information with prices here.
The playlist includes a large collection of global hits from the 1950s onwards.
If you prefer to party in the common area, you can dance to loud music on the large dance floor. Every evening, guests are treated to exciting show programs with DJ sets.
Some customers mention in reviews that the staff can be rude and slow. However, the overall rating of the establishment on Google Maps is quite high.
There is a spacious parking lot at the entrance.

De Berry Karaoke Denpasar 

Operating Hours: Daily from 11:00 to 02:00
De Berry Karaoke Denpasar: A Symphony of Song and Flavor
De Berry Karaoke Denpasar invites guests who appreciate comfortable leisure and delicious cuisine to enjoy a splendid time in any company. Several halls of varying capacity are available. The highlight of the establishment is, of course, the professional karaoke system, allowing every visitor to feel like a true star. You decide when, what, and for whom you want to sing, and the establishment only supports the guest's mood. Each cabin has a dance floor, so you can not only sing but also dance, letting out accumulated energy.
The playlist is updated quite frequently, featuring all global hits.
In the large main hall, musicians play well-known European hits in the evenings.
If you want to save money, it's better to come here before 5:00 PM. The cost of a cabin for 5 people will be 45k per hour. After 5:00 PM, it's already 65k. There are large VIP rooms for a company of up to 20 people. In the evening, its cost will be 130k per hour.
European cuisine is combined with Indonesian in the menu, offering a wide range of pizzas and burgers. You can check the prices here. You can complement your meal with a diverse selection from the bar menu.

EC Executive Karaoke Bali (Denpasar)

Operating Hours: Daily from 14:00 to 03:00
The establishment caters to the local and foreign audience. There are many Chinese songs, so citizens of the Middle Kingdom seem to be the most frequent guests here.
There are several private rooms designed for different groups. Prices start from 75k per hour (for a group of 3 people). The largest room, accommodating up to 23 people, will cost 220k per hour in the evening. It's better to book cabins in advance.
The large karaoke hall will surprise you with luxurious design and a decent audio system. Entry to the common hall is free. The main thing is to order food and drinks. Every Wednesday and Saturday from 21:00, musical groups perform in the lounge bar.
The menu is small, mainly featuring European and Indonesian cuisines - various starters, salads, pastas, and soups. Guests particularly praise the bar menu. Unique cocktails are prepared here, and there is a wide selection of chilled beer and strong alcohol. You can familiarize yourself with prices and options here.
Many users in reviews note good musical service, luxurious and pleasant atmosphere here.

Zero4 Japanese Concept Family Karaoke (Kuta)

Operating Hours: Daily from 11:00 to 02:00
If you are a fan of Asian culture, this establishment is a must-visit! Positioned as a family-oriented karaoke club, it primarily caters to Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and local audiences. The menu features rolls, sushi, and national dishes from Korea, Japan, China, and Indonesia, along with European cuisine. You can check the prices here.
The music equipment is quite standard, although occasional issues may arise. However, whenever there are difficulties with the equipment, all you need to do is call the staff, who promptly handle the situation. The playlist boasts a vast number of songs in Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese languages, including many global hits.
There are separate rooms for different groups, including children's karaoke rooms with balloons and toys. Your child will certainly not be bored here. With an impressive number of seating places, you can celebrate birthdays or simply gather with friends. The cost of rooms starts from 70k during daytime hours and 150k in the evening. You can also pay for the cabin for an extended period, and in this case, the cost will be fixed. You can familiarize yourself with the prices here.
The interior is designed in the finest Asian traditions, featuring vibrant comfortable sofas, lively colors, and loud music—all for your enjoyable leisure. On the rooftop of the building, there is a bar, restaurant, and a pool where you can relax and enjoy a beautiful view of the city.
Overall, the establishment has very positive reviews on Google Maps. According to guests, this place is an ideal choice for a fun evening and friendly family gatherings.
Choose the place you love, and may your vocal cords never let you down! If you know more about karaoke bars with Russian songs, share in the comments.
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