The best hotels on Gili Meno

Offering you the most high-quality, beautiful, and highly recommended accommodations - let's make it clear right away. On Meno, there is a limited selection of hotels. Not all of them have withstood the earthquake on August 5th. However, those mentioned in the review are in excellent condition and ready to welcome guests.  
The hotel is located on the waterfront. To access the beach, you just need to cross the road. The area is very quiet and peaceful. The beach is predominantly coral, but right at the shoreline, there's a strip of soft white sand.
Opposite the hotel, there's a turtle point. You don't need to swim far or deep to find a turtle. If you have enough patience to swim among the corals, you have a great chance to encounter a turtle and swim alongside it. And yes, bring some bread for the fish, and they will surround you in an active group.
The hotel itself has a fresh and pleasant appearance. The decor features combinations of white with blue and the color of the sea waves. These are precisely the colors of the water on the beaches of Gili Meno, which will captivate you for a long time. In the hotel's lobby, there are paintings by Impressionist artists hanging on the reception walls, harmonizing with the uplifting mood of everyone who visits Gili Meno. The interior includes a lot of wood, whitewashed in the technique of whitewash, bamboo, and other natural materials.  
In the hotel's garden, you can find the most incredible combination of trees that harmonize with each other very elegantly. Even as you approach the reception, you will be greeted by trees that resemble our Russian fir trees, but in reality, they are the most typical tree for these places called "chemara."
The hotel offers both double rooms and family rooms. In the family rooms, there can either be two double beds in one bedroom or two separate bedrooms with a shared living area.
The hotel management strives to provide pleasant surprises for their guests. For newlyweds checking in, they prepare a wedding cake, and guests are provided with stylish straw hats, beach bags, and flip-flops free of charge.
In the courtyard area that the room doors open up to, there are two pools. The upper one is for swimming, and the lower one features a poolside bar right in the pool.
For guests, there's a small gym to ensure they don't miss out on their workouts. While there might not be an extensive array of equipment, it's designed to help them stay in good shape during their vacation.
At the beach, guests are provided with complimentary kayaks and snorkeling gear.
And each guest is welcomed with a bicycle, allowing them to explore the picturesque beachside paths and inner streets of the island adorned with lively woven fences and vibrant, colorful bougainvillea trees.  
From the port to the resort, you can either walk for about 20 minutes or take a horse-drawn carriage.
The hotel's restaurant serves dishes from various cuisines. They offer Indonesian, Indian, and European dishes. On-site, you can witness the baking of fragrant bread with seeds in an open kitchen, where you can peek in and see how the food is prepared. Only clean drinking water is used in food preparation.
The hotel organizes a variety of activities for guests, including snorkeling excursions, diving, and horseback riding.
United Colors of Gili
The hotel is located in the center of the island, on one of the quiet rural streets. The beach can be reached by bicycle in 5 minutes or on foot in about 10 minutes. The hotel's territory is small but very cozy.
All rooms have a small courtyard with a garden. All the houses on the hotel's premises are separated from each other by fences, creating a sense of complete privacy and the feeling that you are staying in a small private villa.
The hotel owner is French, which is why the lunch menu sounds very elegantly French, as it consists of a variety of French dishes. Hotel guests can rent bicycles or take a stroll around the village of Gili Meno.
Gili Meno Escape
This charming, cozy, and wonderfully fresh hotel is located on one of the central streets of Gili Meno. The beach can be reached by bicycle or on foot.
The decor of the main building and bungalows features a lot of wood, especially whitewashed wood, woven Indonesian walls, and other natural materials. The bathrooms are semi-open, allowing you to enjoy palm trees during the day or incredibly bright stars at night while taking a shower. As bathroom amenities, guests are provided with very stylish Turkish towels.
The rooms have mini safes and mini refrigerators.
The hotel staff is very polite and attentive.
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