The best hotels on Gili Air (Air)

On the island of Gili Air, luxury accommodation is represented by four-star designer villas.
If you want to choose a villa close to the beach, aim for options that are either closer to the eastern side of the island, as the depth is always sufficient for comfortable swimming on the east. Alternatively, consider the northern areas where the beaches are suitable for swimming during low tide when the shallow waters fill with clear warm water, and slightly farther away you can swim in coral gardens with fish.
If you choose a villa on the western side, you will undoubtedly find places with magnificent sunsets, but you will still need to go either to the east or north for swimming.
Atoll Haven Villas
The complex of six mini-villas with pools is located in the northern part of the island. It's just a 3-minute walk to the beach through a picturesque palm grove. The beach is most comfortable for swimming during high tide. If you love diving, there are three diving centers within walking distance.
This is one of the best parts of the island. Peace and tranquility prevail here. Moreover, within a 10-minute walk, you can find 3-4 top-class restaurants.
The villa is adorned with whitewashed wood, which gives it even more space and freshness. A shaded pathway adorned with plants leads to the villas.
All villas are equipped with televisions, DVD players, and iPod docking stations. In the dining area of each villa, there's a refrigerator, a minibar, and complimentary tea and coffee.  
The bathroom is semi-open, allowing you to enjoy the clear azure sky during the day and the stars at night while taking a shower.
The pools of the villas are designed as lagoons with smooth lines to give them a more natural and organic feel.  
Each villa has an outdoor box resembling a mailbox, where guests can leave their breakfast preferences. For breakfast, you can choose from options such as French toast, pancakes with banana or pineapple, eggs prepared in any style, with tomatoes, cheese, fruit salad, and juices. The management pays close attention to guests' special dietary requirements. If you have any allergies or specific preferences, they will definitely accommodate them.  
Guests are provided with complimentary bicycles for exploring the island and lanterns in case they need to travel through areas with insufficient lighting. Visitors are also given masks and snorkels for snorkeling. Fins can be rented right on the beach.
The villa managers live right within the complex. They are a delightful young French couple who actively engage in the life of Gili Air Island. They will always be happy to share information about the best places to eat, where the parties are happening, where to witness the most beautiful sunset, and where you can go dancing salsa. They provide guests with their WhatsApp numbers, allowing for easy communication while also respecting visitors' personal space.
This villa is an excellent choice for honeymoons or for couples seeking to immerse themselves in a romantic seaside experience.
The villa is located a 7-minute walk from the eastern beach of Gili Air Island. It is situated in a rural area at the heart of the island, and along the way to the beach, you will encounter smiling and friendly local residents.
The villa is adorned in a minimalist yet highly elegant style. There are numerous natural materials, light, wood, and bamboo used here in the interior design.
The villa is designed for 2 people, but if desired, it can accommodate three by utilizing an additional daybed built into a niche in the bedroom wall.  
The breakfasts served are very rich, hearty, and delicious. They are simply beyond praise.  
The villa features a semi-open bathroom with an outdoor shower.
Guests are provided with bicycles and snorkeling masks.
The villa managers live on the premises and show genuine family-like care for their guests.
Apalagi Villas
It takes just 2 minutes to walk from the villas to the beach. The villas are constructed from wood in an authentic Indonesian style and adorned with traditional artifacts. You can feel both spaciousness due to high ceilings and incredible coziness thanks to the use of natural materials. Intricate carvings here and there embellish the surfaces of the cottages, making this villa truly a masterpiece of design.
Every morning, a continental breakfast is served at the villa.
single villa
single villa
deluxe villa
deluxe villa
deluxe villa
two-bedroom villa
two-bedroom villa
two-bedroom villa
three-bedroom villa
three-bedroom villa
three-bedroom villa
three-bedroom villa
La Villa Bambu
The villa is located just a 4-minute walk from the beach. The villa features a comfortable patio, 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a well-equipped kitchen with an oven and refrigerator. Guests have access to barbecue facilities and a garden.  
Thanks to the use of bamboo and glass, the villa has a very bright and airy appearance. It's suitable for larger groups who want to stay comfortably on Gili Air.  
Villas Samalama Gili Air
The villa is located just a 2-minute walk from the northwestern beach. The pool features a jacuzzi. The villa is very cozy and comfortable.  
The villa is equipped with a mini-kitchen and includes cooking utensils. The breakfasts are very hearty and delicious. Bicycles, umbrellas, and flashlights are also provided for free use.  
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