The best hotels in Gili Trawangan

The Gili Islands are so beautiful that they hardly need five-star hotels to win the hearts of tourists. The luxury accommodation segment on the Gili Islands is mainly represented by four-star resort hotels and villa complexes.
Pearl of Trawangan
One of the most beautiful and recommended hotels on Gili Trawangan is the Pearl of Trawangan. The main building is entirely made of bamboo and has a unique shape. Bamboo, by the way, served the hotel well during an earthquake. The staff of The Pearl mentioned that they only felt slight swaying, but they could truly assess the extent of the damage only when they went outside the hotel. The reason is that bamboo is flexible and strong, making it advantageous for construction.
The Pearl of Trawangan Hotel features an open-air pool and a poolside bar, located right by the beach. There's also a second pool with a hot tub, providing a view of the garden.  
The rooms are designed in a rustic style that emphasizes the tropical atmosphere. Modern amenities include air conditioning, an electric kettle, a refrigerator, and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a DVD player. The rooms feature a partially open bathroom with a shower, complimentary toiletries, and a hairdryer. Some rooms offer views of the garden, while others provide views of the pool and the beach.  
The 24-hour front desk offers bicycle rentals, laundry services, and transfers, including to/from Lombok Airport (for an additional fee). There's also a spa where you can get massages, pedicures, manicures, and waxing.
Breakfast is provided with choices for guests, and it's exceptionally delightful. From the menu, you can select two dishes and two drinks, while fruits, pastries, and water are offered as compliments.
The hotel's beach is one of the most comfortable and pleasant. However, let's note that there are corals. It's recommended to bring water shoes for swimming. Don't forget to bring a snorkeling mask to enjoy the sight of fish.
The Kuno Villa complex was built by a British individual who moved to Gili Trawangan a long time ago. He opened a Montessori school and the Kaya café on the island. His lifelong passions have been diving and crafting furniture from wood. Both of these passions have been expertly realized in the Kuno Villas.
The villas are situated in the tranquil western part of the island, away from the crowds and parties. However, if one still desires some lively entertainment, it takes around 10-12 minutes to reach such areas by bicycle. Speaking of bicycles, they are provided for free here, and according to the owner, they are top-notch and of excellent quality.  
Guests are greeted with welcome drinks and warm smiles from the managers. The managers are fluent in English and radiate kindness.
It's worth noting that the villas look magical in photos, but when you step into them, the sense of wonder is even greater. Some of them were crafted from ancient Javanese traditional joglo houses, while others were repurposed from retired barns. These homes have a soul, and every detail within them is meticulously thought out. Every surface and every element seems to breathe and feel.
The decor is particularly striking with the huge moon-shaped lanterns in the garden. On Gili Trawangan, you can see the stars very clearly because there is no light pollution over the island. The full moon looks absolutely fantastic here. But at Kuno Villas, if you're lucky, you might even witness two full moons in the sky simultaneously.
The intricate carvings on the surfaces of the walls and furniture further emphasize the meticulous care and love that went into crafting these sanctuaries.
Another place that will delight lovers of ecological and whimsical architecture is the Treehouse Villas complex by a French owner. These villas, built on real palm trees, offer a unique combination of nature and architectural creativity.  
The bedrooms are elevated on supports to a height of 4 meters, and beneath them on the first floor are a cozy living area, kitchen, and a pool. Each cottage has a palm tree passing through it, which is alive and bearing fruits.  
The management takes a very attentive approach to guests. They provide portable modems, flashlights for walks in the dark, and complimentary bicycles.
Each villa has its own private pool. And the beach can be reached in 5-7 minutes. Moreover, you can go snorkeling right off the beach, as there is a great spot with fish and completely safe small sharks just a few dozen meters from the shore.
The villas are located on the western sunset side of the island, where Trawangan's guests love to gather in beach bars to watch the sunset. The west side is a quiet and tranquil part of the island, so it's always peaceful here. These treehouse cottages are especially popular among honeymooners and enthusiasts of unique ecological architecture.
Pondok Santi Estate
One of the most luxurious and refined hotels in Trawangan is Pondok Santi Estate, known for its extensive park-like grounds. Hammocks are scattered throughout, providing secluded spots for relaxation. The presence of beach beds with canopies adds a special touch of coziness all around the property: by the pool, on the grass, and on the beach by the sea.  
The beach is located just across the road from the hotel. Moreover, the road is very calm, and motor vehicles do not travel on it.
Guests can book relaxing massage sessions and sunbathe on the private beach area. Additionally, snorkeling masks, fins, and surfboards are available for guests.
Each room is equipped with a minibar and a flat-screen TV. Every room features an open-air bathroom with its own garden. While you're taking a shower amidst tropical trees, you'll be serenaded by birdsong.
Guests are provided with a range of toiletries including shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner, mosquito repellent, and cooling gel – all of excellent quality.
At the Santi Lounge restaurant and bar, which is open for lunch and dinner, fusion dishes are served. According to business owners on Gili Trawangan, Santi Lounge is considered one of the best restaurants on the island. The homemade breakfasts are particularly delicious.
Everything here contributes to relaxation, starting from the attentive and unobtrusive staff, and ending with the vast grounds and exquisite cottages that you won't want to leave but rather just unwind in.
The staff forms a friendly team dedicated to bringing joy and ensuring a wonderful experience every minute. They are truly professionals.
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