The Bali Museum (Museum Bali) in Denpasar

Certainly, many are aware that Bali has a multitude of museums. Mostly, these are various galleries, with a significant portion located in Ubud. However, historical museums are primarily situated in Denpasar. One of them is the Bali Museum.
The Bali Museum is relatively small, essentially resembling a local history museum. Here, you can explore exhibits describing the island's history from prehistoric times to the present day.
The buildings and grounds of the museum are incredibly picturesque, constructed in traditional Balinese style.
Due to the small area, all the beautiful gates, statues, towers, and other decorative elements are compactly arranged, making it an excellent place for photo sessions. However, it's unclear whether photo sessions are allowed, but if permitted, it is recommended for photographers to include the museum in their list of must-visit locations.
The entire museum's exposition is presented in five pavilions, each named after different regions of the island. Some logic in the names of the pavilions is not apparent. In any case, "Badung Pavilion" sounds much more pleasant than "Pavilion No. 2."
The most interesting were two pavilions: one dedicated to historical artifacts (skeletons of ancient Balinese, burial sarcophagi, and other such items) and a pavilion dedicated to kris - ceremonial traditional weapons of the Balinese. The museum houses various kris, very beautiful, intricately carved, adorned with stones, and featuring elegant sheaths.
In the other pavilions, exhibits showcase the traditional life of the local residents: tools, clothing items, objects for various ceremonies, jewelry, coins, weapons, utensils, and more.
The museum entrance fee is 50,000 for adult foreigners.
The museum is located in the heart of Denpasar, next to the park, making it very easy to find. The park provides a pleasant place to relax under the shade of trees, and there is a playground for children. It's a suitable place for those who have been living on the island for a long time or simply prefer places away from tourist crowds.
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