Taman Satwa Tabanan Wildlife Park

The zoo named "Taman Satwa Tabanan Wildlife Park" or simply "Tasta" is built on a 20-hectare area in the village of Angseri, in the Baturiti district. The village of Angseri is the owner of this park.
In this wildlife park, there are 20 species of birds, 4 elephants, 2 bears, 3 orangutans, 4 gibbons, 2 binturongs, 7 porcupines, 1 Komodo dragon, and 4 crocodiles.
The park is equipped with a climbing trail located approximately 15 meters above the ground. Its length is 300 meters.
The creators of the zoo claim that the main idea behind the zoo is the protection and conservation of wild animals. They envision the park becoming an educational platform for local residents to gain knowledge about conserving flora and fauna.
Near the zoo, there are attractions such as:
- Lekie-Lekie Waterfall
- Champuan Antapan Waterfall
- Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
- Lake Bratan (Danau Beratan) in Tabanan
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