Sport Club Titi Batu Ubud

Working hours:
7.00 - 22.00: Monday - Sunday
Titi Batu translates as "stone bridge". This fitness center is located on the site of a stone bridge that for a couple of centuries connected the villages of Mas and Lodtunduh.
Titi Batu is an entertainment and health club with a gym, exercise room, swimming pools, spa, basketball court and skate park.
Cost of subscription/single visit:
Current prices can be viewed on the website
Equipment (cardio zone/simulators/free weights):
All equipment is located in one fairly small room. However, due to the light and mirrors, the hall looks quite spacious. There is a gym on the ground floor. On the second, above it, there is a hall for classes.
There is a manager sitting in front of the entrance to the gym who gives out small towels for the gym. The hall is very clean, fresh, good air conditioning. The simulators are all clean and well-maintained, but some have worn out upholstery and have been sealed with tape.
Cardio zone:
3 Panatta treadmills
2 Panatta ellipses
1 recumbent exercise bike with Panatta display
1x upright exercise bike with Panatta display
1 upright exercise bike without display
1 rowing machine concept 2
Leg exercisers:
1 Panatta Roman reclining chair
1 leg curl Panatta
1 leg extencion Panatta (seat taped together)
1 vertical leg press Panatta with pancakes
Arm trainers, etc.:
1 deltoid press Panatta
1 vertical chest press Panatta
1 horizontal bar + leg raise Panatta
1 Panatta cable complex, which includes:
1 lat pull down
1 triceps station
1 pulley row
1 high low pulley
Free weights:
1 horizontal bench + barbell
1 prayer curl bench
1 adjustable bench (attached with tape)
1 horizontal non-adjustable bench (glued with tape)
1 power frame with barbell
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and further with an addition of 2 kg... up to 40 kg
Also from Panatta
Arranged neatly in order
8, 12, 16, 20, 24
Other equipment
3 fitballs
Weighting balls 6 kg, 8 kg
Resistance bands
Trx loops 1 pair
Weight lifting belt
Push-up supports
6 yoga blocks
5 yoga mats in excellent condition, very high quality, non-slip
Wheel for rolling the press
1 massage roller
3 pairs of leg weights
Simple bathroom scales
On the street:
Ping pong table in the shade, table football, basketball court, skate park.
Box Fit
This hybrid class is designed for anyone who wants to: gain overall strength, improve fitness, tone, lose weight and build muscle. It consists of high intensity, varied, fun, functional, interval training mixed with boxing movements. No previous boxing experience is required.
Dance meditation
Dance class as a form of self-expression.
Capoeira for children
Through playful movements, music, dance and more, this Brazilian martial art develops body awareness, creativity, self-expression, cooperation, self-confidence and more.
Latino Beats
A cardio dance class inspired by Latin rhythms and Latin dance steps.
The interval training class, which targets core strength, targets the abdominal and lower back muscles to build strength and definition.
In Heels
Energetic and dynamic dance lesson in high heels. Heels class includes the genres of pop, jazz, waaking, groove and r'n'b. This activity can be done with or without heels.
Muay Thai Fit
A combination of elements of Thai martial arts and a fitness class.
Lower Body Blast
Bench and standing exercises, full-body stretches and fast-paced exercises that target the legs, glutes and abs to shape and tone the body.
Dance! (Dance it Out!)
African, Jamaican, Polynesian, Indian, Latin American, Rock and Roll, rhythms that will make you feel the amazing rhythms of different cultures, decades or countries.
Broadway Dance style
This dance class takes place to famous Broadway hits. A combination of dance and stage drama.
BADASS Workout
Intense workout for cardio, core and strength. And also exercises with drumsticks.
Arm Balance Flow
The class is based on the practice of "arm balance and inversion" with sun salutations as the basis. Various hand-based poses and variations with smooth movement transitions are considered. The goal of the class is to gain more strength, flexibility, focus and endurance.
Dance School for Children (Dance School 4Kids)
Dance numbers with the latest musical hits in a convenient choreography format for children.
Hip Hop/Commercial Dance
HIIT Warrior
This class focuses on interval training to increase fat burning, improve metabolism, endurance and strength.
Bachata Lady Styling
The focus is on women's bachata style, including sensual body movements, posture, footwork and musicality.
Kids Club (7 hours on Saturdays)
Any entertainment for children - creativity and making crafts, swimming in the pool.
Swimming lessons for children.
The complex has 3 swimming pools.
One big one for adults. 25 meters long, depth - approximately 1.5 - 2 meters in different parts. Not divided into lanes, but swimmers still train.
2 swimming pools for children. One is a shallow splash pool to the side away from the entrance and the other is to the right of the main pool. There are different depths. There is a small bridge with a tower at a height of about a meter. There is enough depth under the tower to jump from.
SPA center:
- Two small cabins with dry saunas that can accommodate a couple of people each (maintaining a temperature of around 80 degrees Celsius). The cabins have a very pleasant wood scent. Inside, there is a bucket of water and a ladle to pour water over the stones and increase the heat.
- One small steam room for 4-5 people. It is quite dark but looks clean.
- One cold plunge pool for one person maximum. It is very small and shallow, so you can fully immerse yourself only while sitting. There are signs everywhere stating that you should shower before entering the saunas or plunge pools, but people often jump into the plunge pool directly after sweating in the steam room.
- There is a massage and beauty treatment studio offering the main classic types of massages, similar to those in Balinese salons.
Additional perks:
- There is a water cooler in the gym.
- At the entrance, you receive a large, clean, and comfortable beach towel, and when visiting the gym, you can also take a small towel.
- The shower area is equipped with shampoo and shower gel. They are quite standard but have a pleasant fragrance.
Everyone in the gym is a foreigner, with an approximate 50/50 ratio of men to women. The crowd distinctly reflects the vibe of Ubud. In the steam room, you might encounter people chanting mantras and practicing breathing exercises. By the pool, someone might be performing nauli, while in the gym, two men could be discussing the practice of "non-attachment."
Among those who come with children to enjoy the pool on weekends, there are both locals and expatriates.
The changing room is very small for such a large complex. There are only two benches. If these are occupied, people place their belongings on the floor or on the shelf by the sinks. There are three toilets and two enclosed showers with doors, as well as two open showers without doors. The plumbing is in good working order, and the hot water is genuinely hot. There is a hairdryer available.
The lockers are very inconvenient. They are located in an open area between the men's and women's changing rooms, positioned opposite each other with a narrow passage of less than a meter. Therefore, if one person is using a locker, others have to wait to enter this alcove. The lockers are wide and long but very low. A small backpack can fit, but a slightly bulkier one cannot. As a result, most people heading to the gym carry their backpacks with them.
At the reception, you can get a locker key in exchange for a bike key or an ID.
The cleanliness in all areas is impeccable.
Cooling and Air Conditioning:
The gym has excellent air conditioning, while the changing room has a fan due to a large opening near the ceiling that allows fresh air to circulate.
The music is pleasant and unobtrusive, ensuring it doesn't distract or irritate anyone.
The gym is clean and fresh, with well-maintained equipment, although the machines look quite basic and simple. It's a great place if you want not just to work out but also to enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of beautiful design. The staff is super friendly, always smiling, and very willing to help.
Some people stay after their workouts to sit in the café and work on their computers, using the complex as a coworking space.
The changing rooms and lockers are inconvenient. The SPA center is designed for a small number of people.
There is a café and a bar. The cuisine is European, and the food is of high quality. Near the entrance by the bar, there is a pool table.
Small parking for bikes on the side of the road.
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