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Tibetan singing bowls. Shamanic SoundHealing in the Jungle

Soundhealing is the simplest type of meditation that allows you to achieve a subtle state between sleep and wakefulness without any effort.
During a sound bath session, you lie in the fresh air on a comfortable mat and listen to the sounds of singing bowls, occasionally following the voice of the sound therapist. As you hear the sounds of singing bowls and the jungle around you, your active mind releases all the noise and hustle of thoughts, allowing your subconscious to speak to you.
In addition to Tibetan singing bowls, our sessions involve various Shamanic musical instruments, as well as voice and guitar.
Format: private / shared group session (up to 5 participants).
Where: Ubud, Bali 
Instagram: @ocean_of_peace_
WhatsApp: ‪+62 881‑0372‑75688‬ (Sandra)
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Contact massage with singing bowls

Massage with Tibetan singing bowls is an alternative form of physical and emotional therapy that encompasses a diverse set of techniques, so the results may vary depending on the individual.
Singing bowls are placed on different parts of the body, creating various sounds and vibrations to allow energy to flow freely throughout the body. Long, smooth massage movements and pressure complement the vibration to achieve a deeper sense of relaxation.
If you are open to new experiences, you may find this interesting to try.
Format: individual.
Couples massage for two is also available.
Where: Ubud, Bali / on location

Ocean Of Peace SoundHealing School (online/offline training)

If you want to master a new, interesting, and most importantly, very useful profession of sound therapist, improve your qualifications, or simply learn to work with singing bowls for yourself, we offer training at our international school of sound healing, Ocean of Peace.
In our 4 years of operation, over 300 of our graduates from around the world have acquired knowledge in this field that helps them in their professional and personal lives.
At the end of the course, a certificate of completion is issued. For more details on all levels of training, visit our website
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