Sewing factories in Bali. How to create your own clothing brand

Many of those who move to live in Bali eventually consider starting a business on the island. The light industry is the main sphere of production that is well-developed in Bali – you can find sewing shops and manufacturing almost in any area of the island. Not surprisingly, the idea of clothing production is so popular among expats.
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There is a whole community of women creating clothing brands on the island, with regular workshops, courses on creating clothing brands, fashion shows, and fairs. Here, you can also find consultants who can tell you how to create a fashionable brand from scratch.

What should you pay attention to when creating a collection?

1. Quality of the sample – the first prototype. "Like in any market, professionals are valued highly. Finding a good pattern maker who can create a quality grading of patterns according to European sizes is a big success," says Alexander, who has been involved in clothing manufacturing on Bali for over five years.
2. Sewing quality. Despite Indonesia's efforts to protect and develop light industry, the quality of sewing often lags behind products created in China, Vietnam, and especially in the CIS countries. "When we look at the quality of seams, we can always distinguish an item sewn in Indonesia from what we create at our production facility in Europe.  We jokingly call it 'Indonesian stitching'," admits Kate, who lives in Bali but develops a fashion brand in the CIS.
3. Level of service. Carefully evaluate how the production responds to your inquiries, how issues with defects and meeting sewing deadlines are resolved. "Situations where, despite the patterns, we get a square neckline instead of a round one, or the masters forget to sew a fabric patch, and instead of a full-length dress, we get a 'shortened version' – these situations are not uncommon. When you start raising concerns about quality, the masters get offended, stop responding, and say that it's too much pressure for them.”
But if you overcome these difficulties, you can get good profit – the cost of entering the "fashion business" on the island is quite low, and there are plenty of buyers among tourists. There's every chance to create a successful brand of casual, sportswear, or swimwear.

Factory Contacts:

Below are contacts for sewing factories and manufacturers that can create the first sample, patterns, and even sew a clothing collection and send it to your desired country.
1. Adam Pattern Production
Phone +6287777114000
2. Bali Garment Tailor
Phone +628970545102
3. Kailash
Phone +6281237766170
4. Swimwear Manufacturer ID
Phone +628170010305
5. Dewata Bali Manufacturer
Phone +6287856117190
6. Semesta Garment
Phone +628180877709
7. Adhi Fashion Garment
Phone +6281338582417
8. Hatara Garment
Phone +627868828999
9. Jambangan Bali Garment
Phone +623619077124
10. Bali Swim
Phone +6281338888585
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