Rumah Gemuk romantic greenhouse in Bedugul

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Rumah Gemuk is one of the new tourist attractions in Bali. Here, you can dine and take photos while enjoying panoramic views of Lake Bratan. Initially, Rumah Gemuk was intended as a venue for weddings.
In Indonesian, "rumah gemuk" translates literally as "fat house."
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Rumah Gemuk is a greenhouse filled with various plants and herbs. There is a restaurant that embodies two different concepts. Visitors can enjoy food within the frameworks of two concepts: Table Service Dining - table service, and Picnic Dining Experience - picnic.
Rumah Gemuk is open every day from 10:00 to 21:00. Tourists only need to pay a minimal cost of 100,000 Indonesian rupiahs per person.
Payment at the entrance is exchanged for vouchers, which can be used for food. If you want to enjoy a table-serviced dinner, prices for dishes start from 42,000 Indonesian rupiahs, and for drinks - from 25,000 Indonesian rupiahs.
The menus in these two concepts are different.
In Picnic Dining, more practical dishes are served. Meanwhile, the Table Service menu is more exclusive.
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In the Table Service Dining menu, there are dishes such as truffle soup, Pad Thai, Thai red curry, Tom Yum soup, milk latte, French press coffee, and slow-pressed juice.
As for the picnic, the items available include roasted potatoes with sauce, fried rice, chicken cashew with jasmine rice, cheeseburger with beef, cookies, churros, strawberry latte, and lemon iced tea.
Visitors can order a picnic-themed presentation. Rumah Gemuk sells picnic packages for two, four, and multiple people.
The Pik.Nik For 2 package costs 250,000 rupiahs, including one appetizer, two main courses, one dessert, two drinks, and complimentary mineral water. Pik.Nik For 4 is sold for 480,000 rupiahs, including two appetizers, four main courses, two desserts, four drinks, and complimentary mineral water.
Some of the available appetizers include spring rolls, French fries with truffle/sesame sauce, and potato salad.
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Some dishes from the main menu include chicken salad with honey-mustard dressing, Caesar salad with fried chicken and bacon, fried rice with chicken/pork, Thai basil chicken with egg and jasmine rice, and chicken cashew with jasmine rice.
Some of the dessert items include cookies, cream puffs, and churros. Meanwhile, among the beverages, there are strawberry latte, sparkling water, coffee, tea, lemon iced tea, and juice.
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Rumah Gemuk has many Instagrammable spots. Some of them include the upper and garden areas in the greenhouse. There is also an open-air platform. From the greenhouse bridge, there is a view of Lake Bratan and the Bedugul hill in the background.
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For those interested in taking pre-wedding photos or using the venue for commercial events, additional information about prices and more can be requested via Instagram or by email at
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