Restaurants in Sanur

CORK Bali Bistro and Wine Bar

A restaurant with a wide selection of French and Italian wines, cocktails, and meat dishes. The kitchen is led by a Dutch chef. Prices are restaurant-level, above average. The average dinner bill per person is 250k. They have a "Happy Hour" promotion, and every Thursday, jazz is played from 18:30 to 21:00. 

Tate Bistro

A new cafe in Sanur with a diverse menu. They serve on beautiful blue dishes, creating a visually appealing setting. The cafe has a separate menu for children, offering salads, sandwiches, burgers, soups, fish, meat steaks, chicken, and local Indonesian food. The average cost of a dish is around 70k. 
Phone  +62 812-3756-7889 

Terrace Sanur

A restaurant at The 101 Bali hotel in the heart of Sanur. Live music is played on weekend evenings. 
Phone +62 361 282264 

Sala Bistro and Coffee

Beautifully presented dishes, generous portions, delicious pastries, and a great interior. They offer good vegan options, such as tofu scramble and falafel bowls, as well as healthy dishes like salads and baked salmon with vegetables. They serve excellent juices, smoothies, and coffee, but matcha latte is not available. The average cost of a dish is 80k.
Phone  +62 859-0134-0984

Daily Baguette

One of the most popular places in Sanur. Delicious French pastries and an all-day menu. They offer large portions of salads, homemade quiches, dishes with salmon and bacon. Good coffee and juices, with the tastiest matcha latte in Sanur. Personal recommendation: hearty tuna quiche served with a salad. The average cost of a dish is 60k. 
Phone and location: +62 812-3772-9099

Lilla Bali

A pleasant cafe with an oceanfront atmosphere offering delicious and diverse food suitable for both breakfast and dinner. The menu includes salads, bowls, sandwiches, Italian pasta, and grilled meat and fish dishes. There's a separate section for vegan dishes. They have a promotion: buy one glass of wine, get the second one free daily from 17:00 to 18:00. The average bill for lunch or dinner with a glass of wine per person is 120k.
Phone +62 877-6777-5050

Ba Koudelka

A stylish new cafe in Sanur offering specialty coffee, pastries, and lunches. The menu includes burgers, pasta, nasi goreng, or you can customize an Indonesian lunch with your choice of vegetables, rice, noodles, and protein (chicken, eggs, or tempeh). The cost of such a plate is around 20-30k. The menu doesn't have entirely vegan options, and sugar-free matcha latte is not available. The cost of coffee is 30-50k, and the average dish is 50k. 
Phone +62 813-5329-4486

Byrd House Bali

A beautiful restaurant and beach club with a stylish interior, a pool for adults and children, and sunbeds by the ocean. The menu includes falafel rolls, pizza, and pastries. To use a sunbed with a towel and swim in the pool, a minimum order of 200k per person is required. The cafe is also suitable for celebrating birthdays and having coffee with dessert. The average bill per person is 150-200k. 
Phone +62 812-3866-7935

Shotgun Social Bali

A cool and atmospheric restaurant with a large garden and a playground for children, making it ideal for group dinners. They offer a good selection of draft beer, salads, burgers, oven-baked pizza, and European dishes. The average bill is 200k. 
Phone  +62 813-3975-1933

Over the Moon

A charming interior, a diverse menu of Asian and European cuisine, delicious drinks, and desserts. Recommended items include cheesecake and vegan chocolate cake. The cafe is suitable for comfortable work under air conditioning and pleasant meetings. The average bill is 130k. 
Phone  +62 822-2551-1012

Akaya Cafe

A small cafe in the center of Sanur offering healthy and vegetarian options. They serve a lovely avocado toast all day, delicious coffee, and boast a charming interior. The cafe staff is very attentive. The average cost of a dish is 60k. 
Phone +62 361 4493222

KooD - Kolaborasi Untuk Desa

Our favorite place where everything is entirely plant-based (but not gluten-free). They offer a wide selection of Asian dishes with flax noodles, great fresh pastries, vegan pizza, and cashew milk. This cool cafe provides fast service (5-7 minutes) at very reasonable prices: a portion of noodles costs 16k rupiahs, gelato with cashew milk is 12k rupiahs, and 600 ml of cashew milk is 21k rupiahs. All dishes are delicious and reasonably priced. Our favorites include Bolognese pasta, chocolate and salted caramel ice cream, mushroom pizza, iced coffee, homemade kombucha, and nori-flavored chips (available in the store on the second floor). 

 Phone +62 812-3902-0487

Genius Cafe

A modern beachfront cafe with coworking spaces under fans, almond milk gelato, tasty pizza, and healthy bowls. The menu is diverse, with a recent full update in March. I recommend trying the "Healthy Bowl" and "Tacos." Prices are slightly above average for beach cafes. There's a promotion in the evening: buy 1 drink, get 1 free from 17:00 to 19:00. The average cost of a dish is 80k. 
Phone +62 877-0047-7788


A renowned Italian restaurant with a native Italian owner. The cuisine is fantastic, offering cheeses, soups, generously topped pizzas, and a variety of pasta. They have an extensive selection of gelato for which there is always a queue. If you want to avoid the long line for ice cream in the evening, come during the first half of the day. The cafe staff is very polite. I recommend the ravioli with spinach and cheese, it's very flavorful! The average bill per person in the restaurant is 220k. 
Phone +62 811-3999-727

Memories Sanur Club

The most famous cafe by the ocean. This cafe stood out during the pandemic as one of the few that welcomed visitors. It's an excellent spot to spend a weekend, enjoy delicious food, sunbathe, swim in the ocean, and play sand games with children. A coconut costs 25k, and a tuna salad is around 50k. Kids love the baked tofu. There's a 100k deposit for a lounge chair, payable through the menu. I recommend trying the falafel roll, falafel salad, spring rolls, tuna steak, or dragon fruit smoothie bowl. The average bill at the cafe will be around 80-100k per person. 
Phone  +62 361 4720583

Paradise Bali

A cafe affiliated with a European-level fitness club. The menu offers a variety of healthy and diverse dishes, including tuna steak, salads, smoothie bowls, a substantial English breakfast, pancakes, filling and nutritious quinoa bowls, falafel, shakshuka, burgers, and more. The cafe, located on the ground floor under a canopy before the entrance to the gym, is a great place to work after a workout. Baristas serve delicious coffee from 6:30 am. The average cost of a dish is 70k. 
Phone +62 811-3820-4984

Brasserie Republique

An exquisite restaurant offering French and Italian cuisine with authentic decor and excellent reviews. The menu includes steaks, seafood pasta, Caprese salad, tartare, signature burgers, and more. The restaurant, opened a couple of months ago, is occasionally warmly welcomed by the cafe owner. The average cost of a dish is 80k. 
+62 813-3889-3867

IZZY Izakaya Street

An open-air Japanese-style cafe with Asian cuisine, including sashimi, noodles, tempura, and rolls. The venue has two zones: a covered area with air conditioning and a large open-air space with a lawn. The cafe also has a small children's area, making it a pleasant place to dine and spend quality time with a child. Live music is featured on weekends. There's a promo for a coffee purchase + brownie for 32k. The average bill per person is 100-125k. 
Phone and location: +62 812-3985-7570

Lemo Beach Cafe by Malaika

A cafe with vegetarian options by the ocean. We buy the most delicious gluten-free pumpkin bread (50k IDR) and delightful vegan desserts there. The menu includes fantastic pizza, sandwiches, salads, bruschettas, curry, grilled vegetables with Feta cheese, and aromatic pumpkin soup. On weekends, they offer an Indonesian cuisine buffet brunch. Also, it has the lowest coconut price on the beach - 16k IDR. The average cost per dish is 60k IDR. 
Phone +62 812-3619-0826


An Eastern cuisine cafe offering pitas, falafel, kebabs, and shawarma. Very tasty with generous portions! Friends who eat meat highly praise the kebabs and shawarma with garlic sauce. All dishes in the cafe come with plenty of salad and vegetables, making them significantly healthier. A plus is the availability of vegetarian options with falafel and tempeh. The average cost per dish is 70k IDR, and you can choose a medium or large portion. 
Phone+62 811-3976-336

Sand Beach Bar and Restaurant

A cozy seaside restaurant with a wide menu featuring European cuisine with seafood, along with many meat and fish options. Ideal for dinner, the restaurant has private access from the street and private parking. There are covered and oceanfront seating areas. Live music every day from 17:30 to 20:30. The average bill at the restaurant is 150k IDR. 
Phone +62 361 282909

Nori Sushi and Asian

A Japanese restaurant in the heart of Sanur with a good selection of large rolls. Prices have increased since February, resulting in fewer customers, though it used to be fully booked in the evenings. The staff is very friendly, and the waiting time is quick. In addition to tasty rolls, the menu includes Asian soups, pizza, and salads. The average cost of rolls is now 70k IDR. 

Okaeri Japanese Restaurant, Sanur Bali

Opened a few months ago near Nori Sushi, this new cafe offers a Japanese menu with delightful, tender rolls. The atmosphere is pleasant, with a beautiful veranda and excellent music. There are delicious vegan options on the menu. The average bill per person with drinks is from 150k IDR.
Phone and location: +62 811-9881-991

Naga Eight Restaurant

A beautiful Chinese cuisine restaurant with the best reviews. Located in the center of the park, it's a green oasis among tropical plants. The park is beautifully lit in the evening. The staff is very friendly, providing excellent service. It's advisable to reserve a table in advance. The menu includes sets for larger groups, making it suitable for gatherings with friends or romantic dates. The average cost per person is from 100k IDR. 
Phone and location: +62 812-3788-8089


A restaurant offering traditional Thai cuisine with popular dishes like soups, rice, Asian noodles, and more. Recommended dishes include tasty tom-yam with shrimp, green curry, and Thai salad. The cafe has a variety of vegan and vegetarian options with generous portions. Although prices have slightly increased, the quality and taste of the dishes remain excellent. The average cost per dish is 65k IDR. 
Phone and location: +62 813-3810-0091


An Indian restaurant serving traditional Indian cuisine. Ganesha is the most popular among the approximately five Indian restaurants in Sanur, evident from the number of Indian tourists and excellent reviews. On Sundays, there's a buffet option for 200k IDR - unlimited food. Indian cuisine here is flavorful, moderately spicy and sweet, hearty, and very delicious. The only drawback is the lack of air-conditioned space; all tables are outdoors under a canopy. The average cost per dish is 100k IDR without drinks. 
Phone and location: +62 361 288066

Parisi French Cuisine

French cuisine in Sanur? Absolutely! A small cafe with various French delicacies: snails, baguettes, paninis, creme brulee. The cafe is small, located just beyond the tourist line, behind the bypass. Always full of European customers. The cafe updates its menu every week, providing an opportunity to try something new. The average bill is 150k IDR. 
Phone and location: +62 812-3856-9393

Taqisa Mexican Food

A restaurant with Mexican cuisine in Sanur. Delicious food, a very clean hall, quick service, and many power outlets (suitable for work). Although there isn't a wide variety, what is available is prepared very well! The chicken and meat burritos receive praise. Tacos have a bit less filling. The average cost of dishes is 75k IDR.
 Phone and location: +62 813-3790-9178


Another Mexican cuisine restaurant in Sanur with a beautiful minimalist interior. The menu is classic for Mexican food: tacos with various fillings and burritos. The dishes lack the rich taste characteristic of Mexican cuisine. The average cost of dishes is 70k IDR. 
Phone and location: +62 813-3996-1875

The Afterwork

Excellent juicy pizza at a great price - starting from 50k IDR. They also offer burgers and steaks! The tuna steak grilled with salad is particularly well-prepared. Delivery is available via the WA number.  Phone and location: +62 878-6047-2636

Warung Bellissimo

A local cafe with a spacious area and garden. The menu features European and Indonesian dishes: juicy pizza, pasta, soups, fish, and meat. Generous portions and reasonable prices. Tasty dishes at excellent prices, with an average dish cost of around 40k IDR. 
Phone and location: +62 877-5870-9192 

Warung Kecil Infinity

A local warung cafe with Indonesian cuisine influenced by European flavors. Choose a base - red or white rice - and then add various vegetable/bean/meat toppings. Vegan options include tofu and tempeh, but it's worth noting that oyster sauce is used in preparation. Lunches are tasty and very affordable, with an average dish cost of approximately 40k IDR. The menu also includes European dishes such as paninis, pancakes, and salads. 
Phone: +62 821-4734-1758

Warung Flamingo Sanur

A very small home-style warung where they cook delicious meat borscht, schnitzel, desserts, and vegetarian curry. 
 Phone and location: +62 813-3836-1977 

Colibri Cafe

A recently opened Russian cafe in Sanur. They prepare classic Russian dishes: Olivier salad, syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes), mashed potatoes, cutlets, borscht, fish, etc. The owners are Russian. Additionally, the cafe serves as a beauty salon, with Indonesian artisans trained by Russian masters. While there's no Instagram account yet, you can arrange food delivery with the owner. The average cost per dish is 60k IDR. 
Phone and location: +7 916 653-78-90 

Sanur Beer Garden

A beer garden with a cozy evening atmosphere. Ideal for relaxing after a challenging work week with a glass of beer in the company of friends or watching an important match! They even have a pool on the premises.
Phone  +62 811-3908-980

Clubhouse Steak Grill and Sports Bar in Sanur

A spacious atmospheric sports bar in the center of Sanur. They broadcast sports games in the evenings and offer steaks, sandwiches, and burgers. In the evenings, you'll find a crowd of retirees and Europeans. 
Phone and location: +62 821-4591-9098.
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