Parking for bikes and cars at Bali airport

Parking costs for 2023:


A fee of 4,000 Indonesian Rupiah is charged for two-wheeled vehicles for the first 12 hours, and then an additional 2,000 Rupiah for each subsequent hour. Parking for 24 hours for a motorcycle or bike will cost 28,000 Indonesian Rupiah, and the following day will cost 48,000 Rupiah. The fee for a lost ticket is 50,000 Rupiah. Keep in mind that in this case, you will likely need the original STNK from the bike. This is the long and narrow document containing the bike's key parameters and serial numbers. It's also advisable not to leave a good helmet in the parking lot.
For covered two-story bike parking locations on Google Maps: one, two, three, four. They are located close to each other.
There is also an open-air parking lot that you can use conveniently if you are arriving at the airport for a short period.
After parking your bike, you will need to walk to the interior terminal building at the airport following this route:
There are several open areas exposed to the elements, so if it's raining, keep that in mind.
You'll need an umbrella or raincoat. Bikes can be left in the parking lot for an extended period, but not longer than two weeks. After two weeks, they are taken to storage. There's nothing to worry about; upon arrival, you'll need to find the responsible person and retrieve the bike from storage, which may take more time depending on the circumstances. The storage is located on the airport premises.


For four-wheeled vehicles, the first hour costs 10,000 Indonesian Rupiah, and then a fee of 5,000 Indonesian Rupiah will be charged for each subsequent hour. Therefore, the first day will cost you 125,000 Rupiah, and the following days will be 120,000 Rupiah each. There is a penalty of 100,000 Rupiah for the loss of the ticket.
The route to it will be easily calculated. From the car park, you almost immediately find yourself under a covered walkway, so if it's not pouring rain, you can do without an umbrella; otherwise, you might get slightly wet.
There is also a premium parking area for cars at the international terminal, costing 30,000 Rupiah for entry and an additional 5,000 Rupiah per hour. It has a covered exit.
For buses, trucks, and six-wheeled or larger vehicles, parking is charged at 15,000 Indonesian Rupiah for the first hour, and then an additional 5,000 Rupiah for each subsequent hour.
It often happens that when a passenger takes a taxi to the airport for a flight and the taxi passes the control booth, the driver shows the passenger a ticket indicating a fee of 50,000 Rupiah for entering the airport premises. If the person is running late for the flight, they may not argue and simply pay the money. However, the amount specified on the ticket, 50,000 Rupiah, is the fee for losing that particular ticket. The actual cost for entering to drop off a passenger is 10,000 Rupiah.
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