Paris in Bali: French Cafes in Bukit

Food in France is not just a pleasure. It's a game of flavors, atmosphere, sensations, enjoyment, and the leisurely passage of time. Dining in a French restaurant has always been a ritual and an opportunity to experience something high and beautiful. Exquisite dishes, delicate pastries, a creative atmosphere... But is there something similar in Bali?

Le Petit Warung

Opening hours:
- Tuesday to Saturday: 08:00 - 22:00
- Sunday: 08:00 - 02:00
- Monday: closed
A small corner of France where you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast, meet friends or business partners for lunch, or have a romantic dinner. The place exudes a truly French spirit, created by the pleasant interior and the owner, a genuine Frenchwoman who has lived in Bali for many years, offering smiles and good moods to her customers.
The café has two areas: an indoor air-conditioned space and an outdoor terrace with outlets, where you can work comfortably.
The menu features dishes from European, French, and Indonesian cuisines (after all, it is a warung). They bake wonderful bread and croissants here. On Fridays and weekends, there is live music and karaoke, where you can sing your favorite songs.
- A cup of cappuccino or latte: from 35k
- Classic croissant: 20k
- Breakfast combo sets are also available. The most budget-friendly set (1 hot or cold drink of your choice + 1 pastry) costs 50k. The large morning breakfast (2 slices of homemade bread, tomato, omelet, mushrooms, mozzarella, avocado, bacon, jam, 1 juice + 1 hot drink) is 69k.
A wide selection of hot dishes (from 75k), salads (from 65k), and sandwiches (from 55k).
Sweet tooths missing tasty pastries will also enjoy this place:
- Apple pie with ice cream: 60k
- Chocolate fondant: 60k
- Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and chocolate glaze: 55k
As for Indonesian cuisine, the offerings are standard:
- Nasi goreng ayam (fried rice with chicken and vegetables): from 65k
- Kari ayam dan sayur (chicken curry with coconut and potatoes): 80k
- Lamb curry soup: 80k
The total tax amount will be 15%.

La Brasserie

Opening hours:
- Monday to Sunday: 09:00 - 22:00
- Wednesday: closed
A pleasant place with very delicious food and impeccable service. The restaurant's owner is a Frenchwoman, which is immediately noticeable in both the interior and the atmosphere. It elegantly combines French charm and Asian exoticism, European chic, and a light island style.
Let's start with the main point - the food is very tasty! This is a place that you really want to recommend. The menu is quite diverse. There are options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The cuisine is a mix of European, French, and Indonesian.
- Salads: from 75k
- Burgers: from 85k
- Nasi goreng: from 40k
- French pancakes: 50k
- English scones with salmon: 55k
Additionally, there is always a dish of the day, which is written on a board at the entrance. The food is very fresh, aromatic, and delicious.
The restaurant is small but quite charming, like a cozy country house. It's a pleasant place in every way. The service is top-notch! The waiters are polite, attentive, and quite quick. All prices are final, with no additional taxes, so if you like the service, you can leave a small tip for the waiters. Payment is cash only.

Le Petit Chef

Opening hours:
- Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
- First session dinner: 17:00
- Second session dinner: 19:30
The French restaurant Le Petit Chef ("The Little Chef") is located on the premises of the Grand Hyatt Bali hotel. Visitors come here not just for the food but for the spectacle, as there is a lot to see. The owners decided that guests waiting for their orders shouldn't be bored or focus on their rumbling stomachs. To distract them, they installed a projector above each table, creating a virtual reality on the white tablecloth.
The restaurant's mascot, the clumsy and brave "Little Chef," tries to prepare various dishes right before the amazed clients' eyes. But because he is only 6 cm tall, he has a hard time handling giant ingredients and occasional adversaries like an angry octopus. His efforts are hilariously realistic thanks to the stunning 3D effects.
The main character of the show, "The Little Chef: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo," travels through different countries, visiting France, India, China, and the Himalayas. During his journey, he explores landmarks and finds ingredients for his culinary masterpieces. Meanwhile, the restaurant patrons are served their chosen dishes and drinks as the story unfolds. The show includes exciting scenes of preparing seafood soup, steak, or a dessert of ice cream with berries and sauce.
For guests, such a show brings vivid, lively emotions. Beyond the video and audio elements, the dinner show also engages the sense of smell: at the table, you can feel the cool mountain air or the aromas of spices at an eastern bazaar.
While the show is undoubtedly high-quality, the food leaves much to be desired. They should work on improving it or even change the chef! For example, I found my meat overly cooked. Later, I read online reviews and discovered that many customers were also dissatisfied with the food. One person received raw duck, another, like me, got an overcooked steak, and a third unfortunate guest found a cockroach in their salad!
However, if you are not deterred by such reviews and want to judge the food quality for yourself, here's the price breakdown. Guests can choose from six small dishes across four menu options: the classic Marco Polo Journey menu (845k per person), the premium Grand Marco Polo Journey menu (950k), the vegetarian Marco Polo Journey (845k per person), and the children's Little Marco Polo Traveler menu (385k). Each combo set includes dishes from French, Arabian, Indian, Himalayan, and Chinese cuisines.
The restaurant also offers an extensive wine list, with bottles starting at 440k. Reservations must be made in advance, several days or even weeks ahead. A deposit is required through the website, which is credited towards your order. It is recommended to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time. If you are late, you will only be allowed into the hall between shows.
The total tax rate is 17% of the bill.

Le Resto by Le Yanandra

Opening hours:
Daily from 07:30 - 22:00
"Enjoy fresh homemade French cuisine" - that's the restaurant's motto. The food is indeed delicious and homemade, so if you’re craving culinary masterpieces, this is the place for you. This is not just a French-Italian restaurant with an Indonesian flair; it’s an entire eco-area that includes a hotel and a pool. There is an indoor area with air conditioning and an outdoor terrace surrounded by greenery.
The cafe only prepares healthy food using the best and freshest ingredients. The menu is small but caters to all tastes. Breakfast is served until 11:00. There are combo sets that include eggs, croissants, bacon, cheese, juice, tea, or coffee of your choice (from 80k).
The restaurant is particularly famous for its French chicken roulade with stuffing. It is served with vegetables, mashed potatoes, and mushroom sauce (95k). If you happen to visit the restaurant, be sure to try the chocolate brownie (65k) - they make it exceptionally well here.
The staff is polite and speaks good English. However, there is a small downside - the wait time for orders can be long, sometimes 40-45 minutes, so you need to be patient.
Live music is played on weekends.
The total tax rate is 16% of the bill.

Fren'cha Bakery Ungasan

Opening hours:
Daily from 07:00 - 20:00
Definitely my favorite place for a genuine French breakfast with croissants and good coffee.  
The bagel with salmon and the omelette with bacon are must-tries. This breakfast (75k) also includes a hot drink of your choice. All their food is delicious - from bread and pastries to sandwiches, signature daily specials, and juices. The staff is excellent and always welcomes you with a smile.
This small bakery is famous for its sweet desserts, with the Saint Honoré (65k) being a standout. Thanks to its airy whipped cream, light pastry, and interesting design, it is considered the most exquisite of French delicacies. This tasty and presentable dessert is named after the Catholic saint Honoré.
Near closing time, all pastries (buns, croissants, baguettes) can be bought at a 20% discount.
If you sit at a table, you’ll have to pay a tax and service charge of 15% of the bill.
By the way, there are branches of Fren'cha Bakery in Uluwatu (daily from 06:30 - 16:00) and in Bingin (daily from 06:30 - 20:00).

Le Marché Alsace à Table Supermarket Ungasan/Jimbaran

Opening hours:
Daily from 07:00 - 20:00
Looking to buy French cheeses, sausages, foie gras, and pastries in Bali? Then this is the place for you. The last establishment on our list is not a restaurant but a grocery store where you can find almost all products labeled "made in France": cheeses, wines, meat products, pastries, candies, sweets, canned goods, and much more.
Cheese platters are made to order. Here, you can buy Roquefort, Brie with fragrant truffles, Beaufort, Mimolette, Saint-Félicien... A true cheese Mecca! Moreover, you can find the perfect accompaniments for your cheese - wine, honey, jam, bread, and excellent sausages.
- A small piece of Raclette cheese - from 97k for 160 grams.
- 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon wine - from 299k per bottle.
- Savoiardi cookies - 50k.
- French almond croissant - 59k, classic croissant - 26k.
- Small baguette - 15k, large baguette - 20k.
If you have your favorite French restaurant or French café in Bali, let us know in the comments. Bon appétit!
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