Pantai Mengening Beach

Approximately 7 kilometers from Canggu is Mengening Beach. There are almost no tourists here, as the infrastructure in this Cemagi area is still underdeveloped. Few people dare to swim at the beach.
However, it can be quite interesting here at sunset.
When visiting Bali, we often come to realize that our idea of a "beach" and a "Balinese beach" can be completely different things. A beach doesn't necessarily need to be swimmable or have a clean sandy area with soft golden or white sand for people to visit.
People come to Mengening for the rugged stone cliffs rising from the water. One of these cliffs is home to the temple Pura Gede Luhur Batu Ngaus. Unlike Tanah Lot to the northwest, this temple is not as popular and does not attract crowds of tourists.
Here, you can walk onto the island with the temple and circumnavigate it, admiring the crashing waves that burst between the cliffs and occasionally explode in fountains of foam. If you want to witness the most impressive time, when the water is at its wildest, visit during a full moon at high tide!
In the evenings, wedding photo sessions are often held here. The brides' delicate white wedding dresses create a beautiful contrast against the rugged, harsh cliffs.
This temple on the island is non-touristy, so unless you come with serious intentions to pray and make offerings, you are unlikely to get inside. However, the surrounding walls are quite low, allowing you to see almost everything.
If you walk from the parking area past the temple and descend to the beach, you can walk to the neighboring Nyanyi Beach. It's not particularly interesting, just a stretch of black sand.
But if you descend the steep steps in front of the parking area down to the beach, you'll find a spot that's quite interesting for photography.
With high stone walls rising up to 10 meters, the beach varies in cleanliness depending on the weather. Mostly, it’s organic debris like sticks, branches, and seaweed brought in by ocean currents. There is hardly any plastic on this part of the beach.
Nearby the parking area, there's an open hall building called Bale Banjar, where Balinese women sell water, drinks, and snacks from a stall. The parking is completely free.
Come here in the evening, walk past the temple to the cliffs facing the sunset, and enjoy the majesty of the sunset over the ocean in peace and tranquility.
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