Padang-Padang Beach, Bali

The beach is also called Labuan Sait, but everyone usually calls it Padang-Padang.
Photo: Aurora Skarra-Gallagher
Atmosphere and surroundings
Famous beach! An episode of the movie Eat, Pray, Love with Julia Roberts was filmed here. After the film, the number of tourists on this beach increased greatly. In good weather and high water (from 1.5m) it can be very beautiful. Padang Padang is also a famous world-class surf spot (+ spot for beginners).
If you go to the right, you can find a quiet place, rocks and woods. On the left side there is a beautiful stone hanging over the water. Tourists love to take pictures there.
You can swim here, but you have to be careful, sometimes a strong current turns on near the left rock and swimmers are carried straight into the ocean. Waves near the shore are very rare.
Light beige, fine.
Weather and tides
Strong influence of tides.
During the rainy season, currents bring plastic to the beach.
The descent to the beach is not long and passes through a picturesque and excitingly narrow passage between boulders.
There are always a lot of tourists here, so if you don’t want crowds, it’s better to come in the morning and on weekdays.
Paid parking and paid entrance to the beach. Entrance 15,000 rupees per person.
There are no sunbeds, but there are umbrellas, souvenir sellers and simple warungs. Surfboard rental is available. There are several surf camps nearby. There is a large parking area for bikes and cars across the road from the beach. On the shore there are stalls with beer and snacks.
There are lifeguards here and they constantly look after tourists. Sometimes there are rip currents in the water, be prepared for this. Also, sometimes local monkeys steal tourists' things.
At the top of the cliff before the entrance to the beach there are many restaurants, shops, hotels and guesthouses. On the way to the beach there are several good cute restaurants and bars - Hatch, Bar Uluwatu, The Mango Tree Cafe, The Place With No Name.
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