Onshore has been canceled. Which visa to apply for for a long term visa?

Until July 1, 2023, many who chose to live in Bali indefinitely could apply for an onshore visa inside Indonesia. This option was generously gifted to all foreigners by immigration back during the pandemic. It was expected that with the official end of covid-19 and the removal of the requirement for vaccination certificates, this visa would be canceled as well.
What should those who weren't planning to leave Bali yet do?
📌 B211 offshore visa
Its disadvantage is that you have to leave the country after two extensions. If you apply for this visa every six months, sooner or later the border control officers will have questions about how you get income that you can live so long in Bali (remember that you can not work on this visa) If the answer will not satisfy them, you may not be allowed into the country.
📌 D212 Multivisa
The visa is granted for a year with the possibility to enter and leave Indonesia multiple times. But even here there are risks: on this visa you can stay in the country for up to 60 days at a time, then you have to leave. You can return whenever you want, but it is worth preparing a reason for the officer. D212 visa is a business visa, which implies traveling for the purpose of business negotiations.
📌 Investor KITAS is the best option in this case👍
- It is issued immediately for 1-2 years with the possibility of extension
- It can be used for multiple entries and exits from Indonesia
- Immediately all questions about income disappear, as you must be a co-founder of a company in Indonesia.
- After 4 years, the investor gets the right to apply for a permanent residence permit - KITAP.
However, to obtain such a visa you will have to open a company PT PMA in Indonesia and comply with all the formalities. However, if you planned to stay in the country for a long period of time, then a quiet measured life in the beautiful sunny Bali is worth the investment and effort😉
📋 Cost of processing the package of documents for investor KITAS - 16 million IDR for 2 years including all fees
📋 Cost of PT PMA company registration from IDR 20 mln.
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