Non-touristic Bali

Discover all the colors of untouched nature and authentic local culture in a journey to the east of Bali.
Embark on a day of adventures where you will feel like explorers and researchers.
You will see an ancient temple cobbled into the rock. This place is hidden from prying eyes deep in the jungle, far from tourist routes, and its history is shrouded in mysticism and riddles. Moss-covered steps, lianas hanging over stone structures, and lotus fonts - a lost Asian wonder that is still known only to the most curious.
After the cultural program, you can enjoy the beauty of the Secret Aan waterfall and refresh yourself in the Gembelng waterfall pool.
The trip will end in the authentic village of Tenganan. The residents live here separately from other Balinese people and engage in traditional crafts. They create stunning sarongs from local cotton, do wax painting on fabric - batik, and make a unique sacred cloth - double ikat. You will be able to touch the ancient crafts and buy products as a souvenir.
Experience the unique beauty and culture of the Island of the Gods!
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