The beauty queen has been chosen in Bali

Last Saturday, Ketut Permata Yuliastri Sari became the winner of the beauty pageant Miss Indonesia Bali 2024. The Puteri Indonesia Bali contest took place in the main hall of the Giri Nata Mandala hotel.
Photo: posbali
Now Ketut Permata, also known as Tata, will represent Bali at the Miss Indonesia contest, which will take place in the middle of the year. The winner is from the Sanur region and emerged victorious over contestants from other major districts of the island. Ni Made Ayu Krisna Devi from Denpasar took second place, and Zaza Zefania from Bandung took third place.
Tata admitted that she is optimistic about the 'Miss Indonesia-2024' contest,for which she has already begun rigorous preparations. She said,'Just wait,the preparation is underway. Every day I will inform you about how I am preparing, on social media.'
She said she never thought she would represent Bali in such a contest. This is her first event of this kind. Tata is now 20 years old and is studying fashion design at the Bali Design and Business Institute. 'Because there are many inspiring examples among Indonesian graduates, especially from Bali, I decided to try to participate in the contest. I just wanted to prove to myself and my loved ones that it is possible, and here I am, victorious,' Tata said.
The contest organizer, Lenny Hartono, stated that 18 participants from the entire island were selected for the competition. Over the course of a month, they had to solve various tasks both online and in person. Lenny emphasized that there are important aspects that candidates for the Puteri Indonesia Bali competition must fulfill, including knowledge and intelligence, determination, external and internal beauty, independent character, as well as moral and ethical standards. 'The final result is a combination of assessments. Beauty is not the only factor, personality, knowledge, relationships, and much more are evaluated,' Lenny said.
Lenny expressed hope that Tata will achieve good results representing Bali at the national contest. His hopes are well-founded, as Balinese women have already won first place in the national beauty pageant in previous years.
Sources: detik, posbali
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