Melasti Beach, Bali

Atmosphere and surroundings
Over the past few years, the beach has undergone noticeable changes. Roads carved into the rock, similar to those at the adjacent Pandawa Beach, have significantly eased access to the beach, making Melasti as crowded and popular as Pandawa.
On the beach's edge stand Balinese covered gates in the style of Kori Agung, adding a unique atmosphere to this place. Thanks to the multi-level roads, magnificent 180-degree views unfold at every corner, and the entire backdrop of Melasti is an excellent spot for photoshoots. Sunset is not visible here (the beach faces south, and the sun sets behind the Bukit), but in the last moments of the sunset, the sky is painted in stunning pink and red hues.
The water is azure and exceptionally clear. During high tide at Melasti Beach, there are waves that gently tint the water with a milky color. During low tide, the waves break on the distant reef, and the shore is completely calm. It's a suitable place for swimming, even with children.
The entry into the water varies, with some areas having large rocks and others featuring pleasant sandy spots. The ocean floor is not entirely sandy, and there are sharp stones. While swimming in large waves, there's a risk of injuring your feet. There is a strong current along the shore.
It is very convenient to reach Melasti Beach. The road for vehicles goes almost to the beach, so there is no need to descend stairs to reach it.
Wedding photoshoots are common on the beach. On Sundays, there are many people, including locals. On weekdays in the morning, there are fewer visitors, but after lunch, more people arrive. There is a flow of Chinese visitors with professional cameras and drones. Specifically for wedding events, a separate dressing and makeup room has been built right at the Kori Agung gates.
Car entry - 5,000 rupees.
Bike entry - 2,000 rupees.
Entrance ticket is 10,000 rupees for adults and 3,000 for children.
The beach infrastructure is undergoing massive development. Already, the old, charming Melasti has been almost completely improved: asphalt covering has been laid, sidewalks constructed, intricate Cambodian trees brought in, palms and greenery planted—in essence, a full-fledged luxury beachfront is being built. In addition to simple warungs in the far corner of the beach, a fantastic restaurant, Palmella, with an infinity pool, has been built here.
The entire waterfront is furnished with gazebos and sun loungers. There are free toilets and showers, and wheelchair accessibility is almost everywhere on the premises.
Be prepared for the fact that there might be no mobile network signal at the bottom of the beach - the high cliff wall simply blocks the signal from the towers. They ask for 100 thousand for 2 sun loungers and an umbrella, but you can negotiate. Locals typically pay around 50 thousand.
Lifeguards are present on the beach, with several posts and a watchtower. They monitor the ocean's behavior and set up red flags in dangerous areas. If you leave your bikes in the upper parking lot and walk down to the beach, avoid leaving belongings in the trunk as it may be broken into. It's best to park in the lower parking area.
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