Maintenance before renting bikes

Maintenance of scooters before the start of the tourist season in Bali is an important stage in preparing vehicles for work. Below are the main stages of the:
1. Checking the condition of the brake systems: periodic inspection of the brake systems is necessary, as they may become less effective due to the presence of dirt and dust. it is necessary to check the brake pads and discs for wear and replace them if necessary. It is also necessary to clean the brake systems from dirt and oxides.
2. Checking the level of oil and fluids: It is important to check the level of oil and other fluids, such as brake fluid and engine cooling fluid. If the level of oil or liquids is low, they should be refilled. Such a check is recommended to be carried out every 2000 km.
3. Checking chains and gears: It is necessary to examine chains and gears for wear and damage, as well as for the correct tension of the chain. In the dry season, it is recommended to wash and lubricate these parts every 1000 km, and during the rainy season - every 500 km.
4.Checking the electrical system: after the rainy season, corrosion may occur on the electrical contacts. It is necessary to check all electrical contacts and wires for rust and clean them if necessary.
5. Tire Health Check: Regular tire monitoring is an integral part of scooter maintenance. Replacement of tires is necessary in case of wear, for which you can use the wear indicators on each tire. You should also check the tire pressure.
Maintenance of scooters before renting out in Bali is an integral part of preparing vehicles for the tourist season. Regular maintenance will help guarantee the safety and comfort of tourists' travels, as well as prolong the service life of scooters.
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