Lovina Beach, Bali (Lovina Beach, Bali)

Atmosphere and Ambiance
The beach is quite ordinary, without any frills.
There are almost no waves. Overall, swimming is safe, but entering the water may not be ideal. Some areas may have many rocks, but it's recommended to enter where most people swim, where the bottom is clean and sandy. In the morning, you can also go with fishermen to places where dolphins swim.
The beach has pebbles and black sand.
Weather and Tides
Not very affected by tides.
During the rainy season, there may be a lot of organic and plastic debris.
Easy access to the beach.
Visitors Few visitors.
Locals come to the beach closer to sunset.
Payment is only for parking.
Near the beach, there are many cafes, restaurants, shops with beachwear, and souvenir shops. In the vicinity of the beach, you can find fairly inexpensive guesthouses within walking distance.
Safety A safe beach.
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