Kelingking Beach on Nusa Penida

photo: Jimmy Kohar
This is one of the most stunning places on Nusa Penida Island. Kelingking Beach has become the island's most popular attraction, thanks to numerous Instagram photos that tourists share after visiting.
The roads leading along the port on Nusa Penida are in very good condition. However, be prepared for the fact that as you go deeper into Penida, the roads become rocky and uneven. Allocate more time to reach Kelingking Beach.
Move cautiously and slowly on the rough roads. Do not take unnecessary risks. Sometimes it's safer for the passenger to get off the bike and walk while the driver navigates the bumps.
A fee of 5,000 rupees is collected at the tourist parking.
The reason for the beach's popularity is that the ridge of the bay resembles a giant dinosaur lying on the shore of the ocean.
photo: ptisunov
You can descend to Kelingking Beach, but be aware that it is a very serious risk. The steps and handrails are made of bamboo sticks. It's not advisable to rely on them and assume they are always in good condition.
However, for those who, despite the danger, make it to the base of the cliff, a deserted paradise beach awaits. The tranquility and the backdrop of giant cliffs are breathtakingly beautiful.
On Kelingking Beach, there are numerous viewpoints along the edge of the cliff offering insanely beautiful views. However, be extremely cautious when choosing photography spots and riding a bike near the cliff's edge. The rocky road can be quite slippery and hazardous for biking. If you see that the road ahead is in poor condition and passes close to the cliff's edge, leave the bike and walk to take photos.
No one but you is responsible for your safety and your life. Do not risk your life for beautiful photos.
Near the main viewpoint, there are several small warungs where unpretentious tourists can grab a snack and quench their thirst.
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