Jimbaran Beach, Bali

photo: anzabolotnaya
The atmosphere and surroundings
Jimbaran Beach is quite extensive, about 5 km long, with a gentler slope in the southern part and steeper in the central and northern parts. Jimbaran is a great place to walk during low tide and go jogging in the mornings and evenings.
The southern part of the beach is also called Muaya Beach (Pantai Muaya). And the northern part is called Kedonganan Beach.
In the northern part of the beach, there is a fish market where you can buy fresh fish and have it cooked right there in one of the small restaurants. Also, on Kedonganan Beach, there is the beach club Ibiza in Bali. There are many restaurants right on the shore, but they are mostly frequented by local tourists. People don't particularly swim in this part of the beach.
In the central part of the beach, there is also a "island" of restaurants where both locals and foreigners come. Here you can find sun loungers and sunbathe.
The southern part of the beach, namely Muaya Beach, is the most active and popular. There are many restaurants, among which the most popular is Menega. Further south is the beach club and restaurant Sundara, and even further south is the luxurious Four Seasons hotel. There is also a relatively inexpensive beach club in this area - Jimbaran Beach Club.
Locals often choose the area directly opposite Sundara for swimming, while foreigners have taken a liking to the area opposite the Intercontinental hotel. It's not as crowded there, and the beach is well maintained.
photo: leramulina
The water here in calm weather is good, although cloudy due to sand raised from the bottom. The beach is safe for swimming. It is better to swim at high tide, because at low tide the water goes quite far. During storms there are large waves on the beach, but this is rare.
“You can swim wherever you like, I recommend on the left side, where the Four Seasons Hotel is, there are fewer people and it’s cleaner.”
During the year, there are times when you can surf in the southern part of the beach, especially in very large waves. But most of the year, Jimbaran is non-surfing.
At low tide you can go to the southern part of the beach past the rocks along the line of the Four Seasons Hotel and find quite picturesque boulders and cliffs, although not very high. The main thing is to follow the tide schedule so that the tide does not catch you at an unexpected moment.
Medium beige, fine and soft. It is comfortable to walk and run on it, the leg does not fall through.
Weather and tides
At low tide the water goes 50 meters away. But you can still swim. During the summer months (May-October) the weather is optimal for Jimbaran, it is clean and beautiful.
During the rainy season, currents bring a lot of garbage to the beach, which is very rarely cleaned. The exception is areas opposite expensive establishments - for example, the Intercontinental Hotel and the Sundara beach club-restaurant. The beach there is cleaned quite actively every morning.
Jimbaran beach during the rainy season at sunset; photo: Mini Yoshi~
In the evenings, there are a lot of visitors here, especially in those areas where restaurants are located.
Local residents and tourists choose Jimbaran Beach for sunset walks. Guests also come here who want to watch the sunset at the seafood restaurants on the beach. Many people walk their dogs here, but be careful. There are stray dogs on the beach who don't like strangers. However, if you throw a handful of sand at them, they may back off.
Many local boys gather in the southern part of the beach to play football.
Some guests complain about the persistence of "touts" in the restaurants. If you are sensitive to this, just walk closer to the water's edge.
Beach parking is free at most entrances. But parking attendants may charge a parking fee of 2,000 rupees. Entrance to the beach itself is free throughout. In the evenings, during peak traffic times, restaurant owners allow only customers to park outside their restaurants.
There are lifeguard services at several locations on the beach. In some of the most popular spots, there are sun loungers available.
Jimbaran Beach is famous for its seafood restaurants and seafood market. There are three main areas where seafood restaurants are located.
In the central area, Lia Cafe comes highly recommended among the restaurants.
In the southern area of the beach, among the variety of restaurants, it's worth trying Pandan Sari or Menega. Menega used to be the undisputed favorite, but there have been increasing complaints about the quality of food. Choose your restaurant carefully, as guests often complain about overcharging in restaurants.
There are many hotels of various price ranges near the beach. The most expensive and comfortable ones are located closer to the southern part of Jimbaran Bay.
To the north of the beach is the airport. By the way, due to its proximity to the airport, the beach is included in a no-fly zone for drones. So, you won't be able to fly them here.
At the northern end of the beach, there is a fish market with fresh seafood.
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