In Kuta, efforts have been intensified to combat improper parking

The Kuta Beach Task Force, which was previously responsible for maintaining order and safety for beachgoers, will now address issues related to illegal parking. Kuta Beach is one of Bali's most popular beaches, leading to heavy traffic on the main coastal road, also named Kuta Beach Road.
Photo: nusabali
Illegal parking along the coastal roads poses numerous problems, affecting traffic density and posing dangers to pedestrians. The Chairman of the Kuta Beach Task Force, Wayan Sirna, stated that he and his team are now tackling the issue of parking rule violations.
Sirna mentioned, "If it is found that vehicles are parked in restricted areas, the violation will be promptly documented, and a report will be submitted to the transportation service and the civil service police department for further action." They address illegal parking in the area, issue fines to violators, and, in some particularly unacceptable cases, immobilize the wheels of unlawfully parked vehicles and even tow them.
Blocking cars and bikes proves effective in combating illegal parking. Those who have experienced it tend to be more careful about choosing where to leave their means of transportation. Sirna explained that patrols have been reinforced to permanently resolve the issue. The teams consist of 7 members, working in shifts for 8 hours each: from 8 am to 4 pm, then from 4 pm to 11 pm, and finally, from 11 pm to morning.
Sirna has a clear message for drivers, both tourists and locals, emphasizing, "We strongly urge you to park in designated parking areas. For example, if you want to park your car on the north side of Kuta Beach, near the skate park, you will find that there are plenty of parking spaces."
Sirna provided an example of their approach: "We try to immediately address the first car that parked in the wrong place, as often other drivers will start parking nearby, thinking there's no problem." The fight against illegal parking in this area is not only carried out by the Kuta Beach Task Force. The transportation service of the Badung regency has also increased patrols to address this issue.
Yuda Darma, the head of the Badung transportation department, explained that patrolling is part of routine control by officers to reduce the number of illegal parking, especially in the Kuta Beach Road area. Darma stated, "No car has been towed so far. We are currently just persuading, giving warnings, and forcing them to relocate to legal parking spaces."
Earlier, a video went viral on social media showing the head of the traditional village of Kuta, Komang Alit Ardana, approaching randomly parked cars causing traffic jams and conducting educational conversations. Thanks to this, he gained the support of local residents. Overall, there are plenty of pockets for parking motorbikes on the beach, and cars can always be parked, for instance, at the paid parking of Beachwalk mall or in specially designated areas, which are also quite sufficient.
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