How to obtain a KITAS in Indonesia?

Wouldn't it be great to live on the island of Bali without worrying about your visa expiring and having to apply for a new one, explaining at customs why you frequently travel, forgetting about extensions and visa runs?
Instead, imagine having the same rights as locals:
👉 Enter and exit Indonesia whenever you want;
👉 Open bank accounts in Indonesian banks;
👉 Buy bikes, cars, real estate, and register them in your name instead of renting;
👉 Bring your family to the island;
👉 Potentially open your own business and legally earn income;
👉 Enjoy pleasant perks such as free healthcare and discounts on attractions and transportation.
Usually, such opportunities are provided by a long-term visa or a residence permit (KITAS) in various countries. In Indonesia, KITAS is typically granted for specific purposes. In some cases, KITAS holders can obtain permanent residency (PMT) after 5 years.
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