How to obtain a criminal record certificate in Indonesia

If you are a resident of Indonesia, you may need a criminal record certificate issued by the Indonesian authorities.
A criminal record certificate (also known as SKCK) is an official document that certifies that you have no criminal record or criminal history while living in Indonesia. It is issued by the Indonesian National Police.
When may I need a criminal record certificate?
- When applying for long-term visas;
- When moving to another country for permanent or temporary residence;
- when marrying a foreign citizen;
- when applying for a number of positions of responsibility;
- when enrolling in a university;
- when applying for a loan from foreign banks and in other cases.
To obtain a certificate, a foreign national must meet three conditions:
1. have a clean visa history. This means you must not have any visa violations;
2. Have a residence registration with the local police station;
3. Have a temporary residence permit (KITAS).
How to order a certificate?
Step 1: First you need to prepare documents.
A written request to the police, with personal details including: Full name, date and place of birth, nationality and address of registration in Indonesia;
A copy of the main page of the passport;
Copies of all passport pages with visas, from the beginning of the period of residence in Indonesia to the present;
A 4×6 photo;
A letter from Indonesian sponsor;
A STM (STM) document from the police confirming your residence address in Indonesia.
We help our clients to prepare and translate into Indonesian all the necessary documents to submit to the police station.
Step 2: The applicant must submit fingerprints.
With all documents, you need to go to the police station and submit biometric data.
Our agency accompanies our clients during this procedure to ensure fast processing.
Step 3: Obtaining a certificate.
The police will check the database to see if the applicant has a criminal record in Indonesia. If no criminal record is found, you will be issued a Certificate of No Criminal Record (SKCK). The document is usually issued within 2 weeks.
The certificate is issued in two languages (English and Indonesian) and is valid for 6 months.
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