How to check your bike before renting: GUIDE

Learning how to drive a bike before renting one has been said hundreds of times. But, just as important is the condition of the scooter itself. Failure of any of the components (especially the controls or, for example, the brakes) can cost you not only your nerves, but also your health.
There is usually not too much time before the contract is signed. Rental can't wait to get paid and you can't wait to explore the island. But take your time. Spend some time checking out the bike you're renting.
What to pay attention to first? The experts at have put together a detailed guide for you.
  • First, carefully inspect your future bike externally. If there is no living place on the plastic, it is all scratched and cracked (i.e. the overall appearance leaves much to be desired), then, with a high probability, the technical condition will be about the same. In case of falls, the technique is damaged not only on the outside, but also on the inside.
  • The most important are the brakes and rubber. You need to study the remaining tread height. Each tire has a wear indicator. If the tread height has equaled the height of the indicator, the tire needs to be replaced. Discuss this with your rental company. If you are renting the bike for a long period of time, you can agree that you will replace the tire against future payment.
  • The brake handles should not fail; in good working order they will return to their original position easily and independently. If the brake handle is pressed with great resistance, slips without effort or does not return, the brakes are defective. We do not recommend taking such a bike.
  • The bike may have hidden defects that you will not notice even during a test drive. For example, a bent fork or frame, a worn out support bearing. Only after some time you will realize that something is wrong. You can go to an official service and ask for a diagnosis, it is usually free of charge. Do not hesitate to contact the rental, offer him to come to the service, as a rule, scooter owners are interested in making sure that their "breadwinner" is in good condition.
  • Try how the bike moves from a place: vibrations and jerks should not be. Pay attention to whether the steering wheel rotates easily, whether it "bites" it. Be sure to check the light - low and high beam. Acceleration of a serviceable bike is without lags and vibrations. The bike should not pull to the side. Brakes should work without crunching and squeaking.
  • During the test drive, try to enter a corner. The bike may have structural defects if it has been in a serious accident. It's hard to see them on inspection, but you can feel them when riding.
  • One of the most important rules is to take your time with the inspection. You are not buying a coconut. Your safety depends on you. Ask about the last time maintenance was performed. Ideally, it should be done every 2,000 kilometers. If you're renting for a long period of time, you can arrange to stop by for a service to be sure. Check with the rental company to find out who will be paying for the service.
  • Finally, carefully and thoughtfully read the contract. If some point is not clear - use the translator in the phone or clarify with the rentals. There is nothing wrong with this. In this way, you will show that you approach the issue thoroughly. If everything is satisfactory, you can sign.
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