How do Indonesian bank cards work in other countries?

In general, Indonesian bank cards, whether Visa, Mastercard, or Unionpay, consistently work abroad. Of course, there may be an ATM that won't accept the card or even "eat" it. To minimize such issues, it's advisable to inform the bank about your overseas trip. Otherwise, you might easily end up blocked by scammers, and later you'll have to prove over the phone that you are who you say you are, especially since some banks follow the principle of "come back where you got the card."
If this is your only card, bring enough cash to cover your expenses, at least for a few days. I've seen people whose only card was unceremoniously taken by an international ATM, and of course, on a Friday evening, with the bank's service kindly informing them that the card would be available on Monday afternoon. So, having several hundred dollars in your pocket will always come in handy.
Don't forget that some card and account transactions (e.g., online purchases) may require confirmation via SMS to an Indonesian number. Check with your bank if you can perform the necessary operations without an active local SIM card and make sure it will work abroad (some operators allow you to activate a roaming package in their apps).
You can open accounts and obtain cards from all the banks mentioned below through the LegalIndonesia company.


The Indonesian bank, however, has branches in Korea (Seoul), Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo), the United Kingdom (London), the United States (New York), and Australia (Melbourne). In case of issues in these countries, resolving them will be significantly easier.
The bank issues Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express cards. Before traveling abroad, it's necessary to inform the bank to avoid card blockage when attempting cash withdrawals or payments. If you have Visa or Mastercard, you shouldn't expect any major issues; the cards will work in most ATMs worldwide.
Phone: Indonesian 1500046
International: +622130500046


Cards from this bank are perhaps the most common among expatriates and tourists in Bali. While cash withdrawals abroad are relatively reliable, card payments may not always go through. To avoid misunderstandings, it's advisable to inform the bank about your overseas trip, especially if you plan not only to withdraw cash but also to make card payments. You'll need to list all the countries you plan to visit and specify the travel period (up to three months, then you'll need to contact the bank again). If you call the bank, you'll need to confirm all your details (address in Indonesia, phone number, PIN, email).
The bank's app is user-friendly with no major complaints. Cash withdrawal from ATMs is not problematic, but it comes with a certain fee. Remember that your account is likely multi-currency, and you can open accounts in the currencies of the countries you plan to visit in advance at the bank or on the website. Permata also allows fund transfers in different currencies. There are no branches in other countries for Permata, so try to address all issues beforehand, before your trip. Typically, it's best to visit the office and ask any questions you may have.
Indonesian number: 1500-111
International number: +62211500110


Offers Visa and Mastercard, which are well-known for their excellent performance abroad. As always, it is recommended to inform the bank about your trip. Users abroad have not reported any issues with the card's functionality.
Indonesian: 08041500010
International number: +622129601600
Chat (WhatsApp): 6282208225000


One of the largest banks in Indonesia, it has branches in Singapore, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. The bank issues Visa cards that work acceptably abroad. Most likely, immediately after opening an account, the card will be temporary and won't work overseas. You need to visit a branch and get a permanent card with the corresponding logo. Like with the previous cards, it's advisable to inform the bank about your international trip. It operates reliably, but sometimes you may encounter ATMs that, for some reason, don't want to dispense cash. Nothing to worry about; look for an ATM from another bank, and sooner or later, you will find one. In case of issues, you can contact support via email; they typically respond promptly but during business hours.
Indonesian phone: 14000
International: +622152997777


Or, as it is also called, the Tiger Head Bank - Maybank is a Malaysian bank with a significant presence in Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand. Therefore, traveling to neighboring countries with this card usually doesn't pose any problems. The algorithm is the same - inform the bank about your trip, and everything will work perfectly. They issue Mastercard, which operates seamlessly worldwide.
Indonesian phone: 1500611
International: +622178869811
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