High Season Kicks Off: Bali's Tourist Boom in May 2024

The Central Statistics Agency of Bali Province has released data on the number of tourists who visited the island in May. The figures, as expected, showed an increase compared to both April 2024 and April 2023.
Photo: Travel Kompas
This increase is understandable because May marked not only the start of the high season but also the World Water Forum, which took place from May 18 to 25, attracting experts, speakers, activists, and journalists from around the world.
"In May, Bali hosted the 10th World Water Forum, with representatives from 48 countries and international organizations," reminded Endang Retno Sri Subiyandani, head of the BPS Bali office in Denpasar.
In May 2024, the island registered 544,601 foreign tourists. This is 8.23 percent more than the previous month when there were 503,194 visitors. One constant remains: Australians dominate these statistics, making up 23.74 percent.
Among other nationalities that actively visited Bali last month, travelers from India, China, England, and France follow Australia in numbers. Notably, the strongest growth in interest came from India, with 50.23 percent more Indian visitors than in April 2024.
Moreover, Bali has the capacity to accommodate even more guests. Star-rated hotels are currently 66.10 percent occupied, an 8.41 point increase from April 2024, when it was 57.69 percent. However, there is still room to reach full capacity.
In non-star hotels, there is even more availability during these months. Occupancy stands at 47.02 percent, only 2.97 points higher than in April 2024, when it was 44.05 percent.
According to Endang Retno Sri Subiyandani, the World Water Forum affected not only the number of guests but also the average length of their stay. However, in this case, the change was slightly negative.
The average stay of foreign and local guests in five-star hotels in Bali in May 2024 was 2.75 days, 0.01 points lower than April 2024, when it was 2.76 days.
Meanwhile, the average stay in non-star hotels in May 2024 was 2.50 days, 0.01 points less than in April 2024, when the average stay was 2.51 days.
On average, foreign tourists stay 3.15 days in star-rated hotels and 2.28 days in non-star hotels. Domestic tourists, on the other hand, stay an average of 2.91 days in star-rated hotels and 1.67 days in non-star hotels.
Gede Pramana, Head of the Bali Communication, Information, and Statistics Department (Diskominfos), also emphasized that any international event now has a significant impact on tourism.
From January to May this year, Bali registered 2,392,336 visits. This is approximately 45.61 percent of the number of foreign tourists who typically enter Indonesia through Bali in a year.
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