Hair cosmetics. Hairdressing supply stores in Bali. Hair dyes.

In Kuta, there is a good store, probably the largest in Bali, with all the hair products. They have hair dyes, bleaches, masks, hairstyling accessories, beauty salon equipment, hairstyling scissors, clips, capes, brushes, and much more.  
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In the vicinity of Canggu, there is a network of stores specializing in professional cosmetics. These stores tend to focus more on products for spa salons rather than hair salons.
Christine Cosmetic
On the map - branch in Canggu (large branch, good selection of professional hair dyes and developers) On the map - branch in Kerobokan
On the map - branch in Dalung  
Emilia Cosmetic
Very large store of professional cosmetics and hair products in Denpasar.  
Emilia Cosmetic Canggu
Murni Cosmetics
A very good cosmetics and hair products store. Large assortment of goods.
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