Good Friday and Easter (Jumat Agung dan Hari Raya Paskah)

Good Friday is an official holiday and day off in Indonesia. Easter is celebrated by Christians across Indonesia, but it is not declared an official public holiday since it falls on a weekend—Sunday.
Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. 87% of the population here adhere to Islam. Nevertheless, Christians in Indonesia make up 10% of the population, which constitutes a significant religious group. Protestants account for 7% and Catholics for 3%. Protestantism was introduced to Indonesia during the country's time as a colony of the Dutch East India Company, while Catholicism came during the period under Portuguese control.
Easter activities mainly take place in churches, private homes, hotels, and restaurants frequented by many Christians. Throughout Holy Week, fundraising events are held.
Easter services, decorations with Easter eggs and bunnies can be found in many parts of Indonesia. People greet each other with "Selamat Hari Paskah!" (Happy Easter!) Among the regions with the largest Christian populations, Bali, Jakarta, Flores, Lake Toba in Sumatra, the city of Manado on Sulawesi Island, and the mountainous region of Tana Toraja on Sulawesi stand out.
In the southern part of the island, numerous Easter brunches and parties are held. Many of them take place in hotels and restaurants. At such events, entertainment is organized for children - face painting, making crafts from balloons, as well as games and musical entertainment.
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Easter activities are held in many hotels. On this day, special attention should be paid to the Jakarta Cathedral, which was built about a century ago, and where festive church services dedicated to Good Friday and Easter are held.
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In many other regions of Indonesia, Easter celebrations take place, which often demonstrate the deep involvement of Indonesian Christians in the emotional significance of the holiday and its complete and sincere understanding.
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Catholics stage the story of Christ's suffering on the slopes of Mount Merapi near Yogyakarta.
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Christians reenact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at the Church of Saint Joseph in Tegal, Central Java. The performance is accompanied by a gamelan orchestra.
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Christians recreate the scene of Jesus Christ's crucifixion in Semarang, in the province of Central Java. Catholics participate in the production, and the reenactment itself is called the "Story of Love in Suffering." The role of Jesus Christ is played by a Protestant.
The significance of Easter on Flores is so great that a special holiday called Semana Santa is celebrated. Easter is celebrated for 4 days in Larantuka. The festivities last from Maundy Thursday to Easter itself. The procession on Good Friday attracts many tourists. The peak of the celebration occurs when statues of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, known locally as Tuan Ana and Tuan’ Ma, are carried through the city.
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A procession with the carrying of the cross is organized in many places in Gunung Gandul, Wonogiri in Central Java. Such a procession is usually accompanied by thousands of praying Christians.
Reenactment of Jesus Christ's journey to Golgotha on the island of Flores.
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The procession in Glodogan, Kecamatan Bavetan, Semarang. The Church of St. Mary conducts night processions of parishioners. Participants in the procession include not only Catholics from this parish.
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