Fitness Plus Uluwatu Gym

Fitness Plus Uluwatu is a multifunctional gym located in the center of Bukit. The gym has two floors: the first floor contains the reception area and a mirrored hall for group classes, while the second floor has dressing rooms with shower rooms, a weights area combined with a cardio zone, and a small cycling room.
The gym's equipment is new, and some machines and inventory are duplicated. For example, there are two pairs of dumbbells with the same weights. The gym is well-ventilated, spacious, and not overcrowded. Everywhere there are mirrors, allowing you to monitor the correctness of performing exercises.
Pros: new equipment, functional machines, well-ventilated room, plenty of space, separate hall for group classes/stretching. There are shower rooms, sports equipment, a parking lot.
Group classes are also available at the gym for a whole month, such as Zumba, Box, Boodypump, Step, Yoga, etc. You can check the schedule on Instagram at Fitnessplus.uluwatu.
Personal training with local instructors is available in the gym (please note that the administration closely monitors that foreigners do not provide personal services to clients. If caught, you may be asked not to do it again or even be asked to leave the gym).
I've been going to this place for several months now, it's the worst gym I've ever seen in my life. Starting with the management, who forgets to send the yoga schedule, and ending with the maintenance of the club, but here the question belongs to the owner. It feels as if the club is preparing to close: broken mirrors, broken equipment that has not been repaired for months. But most importantly, the club is buried in shit, sewage comes out of the floor with a specific smell and you will have to practice in stinking puddles. Management tries to hide the smell by making scent dispensers take less time and mopping the floor with chemicals, but it doesn't help much. This attitude of the owner towards his staff, who wipe up these puddles without stopping and fill the cracks with cardboard, is appalling. All this looks as creepy as possible. Only the climate system works normally. I regretted not choosing muscle beach club.