Fire at Bali's main landfill continues. There is a threat of a garbage crisis

The fire at the massive Suwung landfill continues. The smell and smoke are spreading to many areas of the island, including Sanur, Denpasar, Kuta, and, according to some reports, even Canggu.
Jaya Negara, the mayor of Denpasar, reported that as a result of firefighting efforts, the amount of smoke has decreased by 60 percent. It is no longer as dense and has taken on a white color, indicating that the landfill is undergoing a 'cooling' process. However, the extinguishing has been ongoing for more than five days, even involving a police water cannon. Leaders of nearby villages are distributing medical masks to residents for free, and medical personnel are on standby in case anyone struggles with the acrid smoke.
In general, it is recommended to wear masks for anyone who is forced to travel or stay in the burning area, including the toll road and nearby regions within 2-10 km from the landfill. Air quality tests conducted by medical professionals revealed significantly elevated sulfur dioxide levels that may pose health issues to certain groups of people. If you experience symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, or shortness of breath after inhaling the fire smoke, it is advisable to consult a doctor as it could be a lung infection.
Besides the obvious inconveniences, the fire has also triggered a waste crisis in Denpasar. Jaya Negara urges residents, if possible, to temporarily store waste in their homes and not dispose of garbage until the bins are full.
Currently, the Suwung landfill is not accepting waste, according to Jaya. He requested people to try to generate less waste because even if a small bag is thrown into the bin, sanitation services have to clean the container and remove the waste, which is currently challenging.
Waste collectors in Tabanan and Gianyar are also currently not operating at full capacity because the landfill in Tabanan is on fire, and in Gianyar, it is 'cooling down' after a recent fire. The acting governor of Bali even issued an appeal to the residents of these areas, urging them to assist the authorities and, if possible, to keep their garbage at home for the time being.
As for the information that this landfill was supposed to close in 2022, Jaya Negara stated that the closure of Suwung will not happen until a comprehensive waste processing facility (TPST) is launched.
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