Ferry Bali - Lombok or traveling on iron horses :-)

The ferry from Bali to Lombok is the only way to get to another island if you're on a two-wheeler (I mean a bike, of course).
The idea itself is good and doesn't smell like idiocy! However, it's better to know a couple of nuances in advance to avoid ruining your plans and to welcome Lombok with a good mood!
The ferry departs from the eastern part of Bali - Padang Bai and arrives in Lombok after 4-6 hours at the Lembar port. Ferries operate around the clock with a chaotic interval of 1-3 hours (sometimes they load one after another, and then there is a long break).
The ferry is quite civilized. It is equipped with reclining seats like those on an airplane and bunk beds in 2 tiers, which are sufficient for everyone (it's advisable to bring a blanket or something, as the bunks are basically shelves covered with carpet). There is also an upper deck outside, where there are tables and a cool children's playground with slides.
Everyone recommends traveling at night - it's not too hot, and there are fewer people, meaning there won't be such a strong smell of cigarettes in the cabin (since it's a public place - smoking is allowed).
Now, about how and what:
If you're on a bike, you'll encounter the first checkpoint for document verification of your vehicle and international driver's license (since the two of us ride on the same license for two mopeds... one would create a disturbance during document inspection, drawing attention to themselves, while the other would smoothly slip through).
Next are four waiting zones where all bikers are released in controlled, limited groups. In the first one, you purchase a ticket for 123,000 rupees per motorcycle (2-3 people are already included in this price). In the other three zones, you're simply sorted out. Be attentive - there can be long queues!!! Our boarding took around 6 hours (even though we were on the night ferry, there was still a lot of people).
It's better to park your bike close to the wall because they park them mercilessly close, and scratches on the sides are not uncommon here. Overall, we really enjoyed this trip.
If you're driving a car, you can relax with just one document check, and then without queues, straight onto the ferry. It costs around 250,000 rupees (price is NOT exact).
You can also walk. They won't check your documents, and the cost is around 35,000 rupees (price is NOT exact).
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