Family KITAS

If you are married to an Indonesian citizen or a foreigner on a work KITAS in Indonesia, you and your minor children are eligible for a family KITAS.

Benefits of Family KITAS

📍 Unlimited entry and exit from the country.
📍 Can obtain an Indonesian driver's license.
📍 Can open bank accounts, and apply for loans and credit cards in Indonesia.
📍 Can receive discounts at tourist attractions and wellness centers.
📍 Can obtain local insurance.
 Spouses of Indonesian Citizens: This visa allows you to reunite with your family and live in the country for up to 5 years, with mandatory annual renewal. After being married for 2 years to an Indonesian spouse, you can apply for a KITAP (permanent stay permit).
Family Members of Foreign Workers: This visa allows the children and spouse of a foreign work KITAS holder to reside in Indonesia for the same duration as the work KITAS.
To find out more about obtaining and renewing your KITAS, visit Legal Indonesia's website.
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