Extension of stay on D212 multivisa

If you are a lucky holder of a 1 year D212 multi-visa, we have good news for you!
After 60 days of authorized period of stay in Indonesia, you do not have to leave the country, this period can be extended for another 60 days.
You just need to contact us in advance. The extension procedure is exactly the same as for other visas.
D212 multiple entry business visa, up to 1 year is:
📌Multiple visits;
📌 Validity period -1 year;
📌Visa cost from IDR 5,000,000 (~$320);
📌Length of stay up to 60 days per visit. Ideal for frequent travel between Indonesia and other countries;
📌 Extension of stay for 60 days from IDR 2,600,000 (~$178).
Text us if you plan to apply for a D212 multivisa or extend your stay on it, in a convenient way:
via Telegram - @legalindonesia / @LegalIndonesiaBot 
or via Whats App
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