Multiple Entry visa

Visas under index D, formerly known as D212, now offer multiple Offshore eVisa options such as D1 or D2 (tourist or business), making them ideal for frequent travelers planning multiple trips to Indonesia within a year.
Both D1 and D2 visas are valid for one year from the date of issuance and allow stays of up to 60 days per visit.
Extensions are also possible for both visa types, up to two times, granting an additional 60 days per extension. Thus, holders of D1 and D2 visas can stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 180 days without leaving the country.
Following this period, departure from Indonesia is required, but re-entry with the same visa is permissible. Each re-entry under the D visas initiates a new 60-day stay cycle in the country.
While multiple entries and exits are allowed during the visa's validity, frequent re-entries may lead immigration officers to inquire about the traveler's intentions. For longer stays, long-term visa options are recommended.
Legal Indonesia facilitates the processing of D1 and D2 visas.
  • The standard visa application, processed in 7-10 working days, costs 5,000,000 IDR (~320 USD).
  • Expedited processing, completed in 3-5 working days, is available at a cost of 6,500,000 IDR (~415 USD).
To apply for D1/D2 visas, ensure your passport remains valid for at least 18 months from the application date.
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