Experience Rice Field Plowing and Traditional Balinese Dances! Where Will You Go This Weekend?

This upcoming weekend, July 6-7, Bali will host two festivals, both offering guests a chance to get closer to the island's culture and providing a delightful reason to venture away from the tourist centers.
The first is the Jatiluwih Festival, named after the rice terraces where it will be held. It will last for two days, from July 6 to 7, 2024. The theme for this year is "Swasti Bhuwana," which means "Universal Happiness," celebrating the beauty and preservation of nature, as well as local agricultural wisdom.
DTW Jatiluwih (Jatiluwih Tourist Attraction) manager I Ketut Purna said that this year's cultural festival will be modest due to budget constraints. Nevertheless, he promises a rich program.
According to Purna, interesting activities have been prepared for the festival, including competitions aimed at fostering a love of art and culture among the younger generation. In addition to various types of competitions, traditional dances characteristic of Jatiluwih, such as the Tebuk Lesung dance, are also planned. Visitors will also be able to watch agricultural demonstrations, such as field plowing.
"It so happens that the agricultural land in Jatiluwih is currently being prepared for rice planting," said Purna.
A lot of attention will be given to agricultural activities. This festival aims to attract not so much international tourists as domestic ones. The main goal is to engage the youth, inspiring them to get involved in agricultural activities.
At the festival, attendees will also have the opportunity to discover local farmers' products. For example, they can buy red rice, crackers made from it, traditional snacks, and products typical of the village of Jatiluwih.
Moreover, the closing ceremony, scheduled for July 7, promises a grand concert. "We are involving the entire Jatiluwih village community, from kindergarten children, elementary school students, junior high school students, to youth organizations," said Purna.
The second festival you can visit this weekend is held in Penglipuran village. It started on July 4 but will continue until the 7th, and some sources say until the 9th.
This village is renowned for its culture and cleanliness, as well as its annual festival, during which guests can delve even deeper into traditional Balinese customs, see unique art performances, rituals, ceremonies, and listen to local and national musicians.
The festival days are the perfect opportunity to understand what makes this village unique. Dance competitions, art exhibitions, a wide variety of local cuisine, and demonstrations of traditional crafts such as weaving and wood carving are what previous festivals have been remembered for. This year's festival promises to be just as eventful.
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