Dreamland Beach, Bali

Atmosphere and Ambiance
Dreamland Beach is incredibly picturesque. It's best to visit Dreamland in the morning (around 7-8), when it's completely empty and the sun isn't too strong. The water is stunningly azure in color, perfect for photographs.
Swimming here can be difficult. There are often strong waves right near the shore, and there are dangerous rocks underwater. It is not recommended to swim here.
"Not particularly swimmable, some of the strongest waves I've seen are right at Dreamland, but the power is mesmerizing! At least for this, it's worth visiting once!"
photo: leramulina
But if you're not afraid of waves, walk north (to the right) from the beach entrance about 100 meters. There, you can wait for a series of waves to pass and then paddle out about 10 meters from the shore to ride the waves before they break against the beach.
The water here is of stunning azure color!
photo: leramulina
photo: leramulina
Light beige, fine and soft. Comfortable for walking.
part of the beach further north; photo: leramulina
Weather and Tides
The beach is not very affected by tides. However, sometimes strong waves can "drag away" guests' belongings, so it's advisable to keep them away from the shoreline. During the rainy season, organic and plastic debris washes up on the beach.
During the rainy season, currents bring plastic and branches onto the beach.
Access is fairly straightforward. From the bike and car parking area, you need to descend about 5 meters and then walk 200 meters through a gallery with souvenir and clothing shops. The aesthetics are marred by the fact that this gallery runs along a river with stagnant and odorous water.
Many tourists come here to bask in the sun. Dreamland Beach often brings tourists on buses to watch the sunset.
Parking is paid - 5,000 with a bike. Those who don't like paying park their bikes on the hill to the left of the beach. However, sometimes locals tip over or puncture the tires of their bikes so that tourists don't park for free. Two sun loungers with an umbrella cost 150,000 - 200,000 rupees. But you can sunbathe on your own mats. Beach admission - 20,000 rupees.
You can rent a sun lounger. There are lifeguards. On the approach to the beach, there is a covered gallery with shops selling beachwear and swimsuits. There is a simple beachfront restaurant and a couple of mini-marts. The beach club Klapa with a pool is adjacent to the beach. Not very popular and comfortable, though. The beach has a toilet and shower facilities.
It's problematic to leave here with an online taxi because local taxi drivers don't allow them to access the beach to meet clients. Massages are available on the beach. Sometimes the masseuses can be quite intrusive.
If you get hungry, you can eat at the simple Dreamland Warung on the beach, at Klapa Club, or take a 5-minute drive to Rayunan Restaurant near the Wyndham Dreamland Resort Bali hotel.
Thieves are active in the parking lot, breaking into cars and mopeds and stealing everything inside. Don't leave any valuables in the trunk.
At low tide, you can walk south. First, you'll pass Chemongak Beach. It's not suitable for swimming and is quite conditionally called a beach. And further south, you'll encounter Bingin Beach.
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