Diving in Bali

Diving in Bali is a safe and exciting adventure that will appeal to both beginners and experienced divers.
There are two diving spots perfect for exploring the underwater world of the island: Blue Lagoon and Tulamben.
The waters of the Blue Lagoon are remarkable for their marine inhabitants which amaze the imagination with their colors and diversity. Thousands of fish of various colors, moray eels, octopuses, and sea stars live in the local coral reef. Here you will feel an incredible unity with nature and become part of a whole universe hidden in the ocean waters.
If you are fond of sea adventures and mystical stories about sunken ships, then dive at the Tulamben diving spot. During World War II, the 128-meter American ship "Liberty" sank in the bay of Tulamben.
Over the years, its ecosystem has formed around the huge ship. The colorful coral reef descends to a depth of 30 meters. You will be fascinated by its beauty and the variety of living creatures and plants that have made it their home. The seabed is covered with black sand, large pebbles, stones, and pieces of solidified lava, making the colorful polyps, mollusks, and fish look even more stunning.
Embark on a diving adventure and experience the incomparable feeling of weightlessness!
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